The 29-year-old Brett Kavanaugh was present at the Office of Independent Counsel meetings where Associate Independent Counsel Miguel Rodriguez presented evidence that Vince Foster was murdered.


Full Report:


Brett Kavanaugh knew about the bullet wound in Foster's neck.


Kavanaugh knew that the crime scene was staged, with the revolver planted by Park Police by Officers Cheryl Braun, Peter Simonello, and John Rolla.  And Kavanaugh knew that the body was re-photographed and that Officer Franz Ferstl's initial crime scene photographs vanished.

The investigation of Foster's death by Associate Independent Counsel Miguel Rodriguez was blocked and he was forced to resign.



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  • Phil,

    And there were those running around on the Titanic searching for faults while it sank! And to what end? First Rule in any Emergency Situation is to Not Panic and Do Something! If what you are doing is not working, do something else, always focused of "Survival!" Anything else is a waste of time and effort and you will perish. Survive and you rebuild. Perish and you are just dead. Pointing fingers and laying blame while Our Nation is in extreme danger of destruction, is the epitome of stupidity, and in that endeavor you remain alone! I am Three Quarters of a Century of Life's experience. I have been in command of "Men" whose lives my decisions was responsible for. Others with the same responsibilities, whose "Men" I knew by name, died, enough to fill a small Village! Only when your experience is on a par with my own will you have the "Right" to call B.S. Until then, remain on the porch small dog and allow the Big Dogs to Run By in the Streets!

    • When big dogs bark truth they're silenced by the Maoist Styled Revolution  You have to stop thinking "NORMAL" in these times. We're being overthrown.


  • I call B.S.

  • And I want to know "Who shot JFK?" Though the answer would be nice to know, and perhaps comforting to many, and even vindictive to a few, the question for mine and the proposed is, "What purpose does it serve now, other than academic?"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • If this is the truth and not blown up by the demockrats trying to put over on the people, it should be investigated.  However, this supposedly occurred in 1994 (27 years ago).  We a;; have skeletons in our closet and things we regret.Also this person (Rodriguez) suggested the scene might have been staged.  Where is the proof?  I also noticed part of the memo was cut off.  Any time I see that, I question the validity.

    We have to remember that the demockrats will do anything to get Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court.  So this brings up several questions - who is this Miguel Rodriguez and what is his political affiliation?

    • ADMIN

      If you go to the link, the full meme is there. I couldn't get it over to our site. Sorry!


    • Truth would be nice for a change

  • Yes, they are all like a cat in a sandbox trying to cover up the stench before it seeps out of the beltway... 

    • You are right!  What exactly was Kavanaugh's position in politics 27 years ago when Foster was murdered and what was he doing at the scene?????  So many questions and so many lies!!! 


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