Did Capitol rioters receive inside help?

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While there is yet much to learn about what happened at the Capitol on January 6, some important facts are known beyond a reasonable doubt:

  1. Most protesters who entered the Capitol encountered no resistance, and some were directed by police on where to go.
  1. Some protesters who led the storming of the Capitol were leftist agitators.
  1. The riot was planned, and foreknowledge of this event was reported to the FBI, Capitol police, NYPD, and even the Joint Terrorism Taskforce.

This raises the following questions:

  1. If the police allowed protesters into the Capitol because they were overwhelmed, why did reinforcements fail to arrive? Did officers direct protesters to the hallway where Asley Babbit was later shot? Based on the 19:40 time mark on this video it sure seems this way.
  1. Why did CNN broadcast the account of John Sullivan? Did they already know he was a BLM agitator who encouraged protesters to “burn down” the Capitol?
  1. It is almost certain that Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell knew about plans to storm the Capitol because failure to notify them would have been an egregious failure of intelligence. If they did not know it then they certainly know by now that the riot was planned, and the media cannot hide this information forever from the American people. Could this explain Pelosi’s frantic request to move the Senate impeachment trial to January 25?

All participants in the vandalism or assaults on police officers are responsible for their own behavior regardless of political affiliation. Having said that, we must take into account whether or not their crimes were premeditated and prosecute more harshly those who were in on the plan. Most importantly, we need to know how much help (if any) these riot organizers received from the inside. The officers directed protestors to sensitive portions of the building may have been blindly following orders, but two incidents caught on video implicate at least two people who may have knowingly provided inside help:

First, in this poorly-staged video, a police officer is “chased” by a protester who looks more like the reluctant participant of a high school skit.

Second, at the 25.40 time mark of this video, Rudy Giuliani points out two “out of place” individuals that nodded approvingly to the BLM activist John Sullivan as he neared the hallway where Ashley Babbit was soon to be killed. The first one looks the most out of place due to both his age and his attire. Giuliani rightly suggests he might be a detective and wondered aloud if anybody has investigated who he is and why he nodded to the provocateur.
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  • 4 days before the Trump rally, I received a face book messenger notrice that ANTIFA was planning to dress in MAGA gear and mix in with Trump supporters to start something. The on January 7 the Washington Times reported that the facial recognition cameras at teh capitol identified 6 of the leading crashers as ANTIFA. The Washington Times removed thier story a few hours later. It can still be found on google.

    • Bingo! this is all the Democrat's idea to defeat Donald Trump and they succeed in doing this to Donald Trump.

    • antifa is devious. They start this whole thing and patriots end up getting thrown into jail by the corrupt FBI.

  • Fox News reported that the FBI informed some senators, including Nancy P. some time (days?) ahead of this ANTIFA insugency, but still unknown if President Trump was informed as well?

    • 8492490094?profile=RESIZE_584x

    • do you believe Fox News I don't?

    • fox, for the most part, has become another Pravda/Goebbels propaganda outlet!!!!!!!!!!

  • YES, THEY DID.  It was a leftist plot all along, have antifa infiltrate the peaceful supporters of President Trump, riot, and blame the innocent.  Typical leftist projection!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just take a look at who is being charged by the FBI! As far as I understand, mostly leftist agitators are on the hook ad rightfully so. They should be punished severly for inciting a few good patriots as well.

    • AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN!!!!!  It was a leftist setup from the start.  supporters of President Trump planned a peaceful protest but antifa had plenty of time to gather their mob of paid rioters.  the devildemocommiecrats were very involved in the antifa rioter invasion of the capitol

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