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Joe Biden retreating from America’s woes -White House pool image


Written By Kevin Fobbs and Susan Swift | Aug 17, 2021

WASHINGTON: Whether he was hiding in his Delaware home basement during the Presidential campaign in 2020 or recently hiding out at Camp David, Biden’s response to the sheer Taliban terror in Afghanistan, his go-to move seems to be observable indifference.

Americans have to ask, is Biden showing his mental infirmity or horrendous miscalculation, when on July 8th when he said to Americans a predictable crushing defeat in Afghanistan was not possible?  Did he intentionally deceive Americans?

It took less than 10 days for the Taliban to send Biden’s Afghanistan defense exit policy running back home with its tail between it legs.  Biden made a solemn promise to the immeasurable thousands of American families who had lost one of the “ 2,448 American service members killed in Afghanistan through April and the 3,846 U.S. contractors. Each gave the last full measure in the 20-year  Afghanistan War.  Did Biden abandon his promise to leave Afghanistan with dignity and honor?  Or was the former Vice President under Obama and former Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, simply mentally infirm?

Biden Simply wrong for 40 Years on foreign policy?

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