Attorney General Bill Barr Is Getting Roasted for His Outrageous ...

During his press conference Monday addressing developments in the investigation of last year’s mass shooting at NAS Pensacola, Attorney General William Barr took time to also discuss the progress of the ongoing investigation of Spygate/Obamagate led by U.S. Attorney John Durham. During the course of his four minutes of remarks, Barr made clear that, regardless of what Durham’s investigation reveals about the involvement of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, his DOJ will refuse to prosecute either man.

Ok, so, a lot of very noble stuff in there, pretty much all of which any fair-minded American would agree with had we experienced a normal political environment over the last 5 years. After all, how can any fair-minded American disagree with the notion that the criminal justice system should not be used to achieve a political end? Or that justice must be blind? Or that “not every abuse of power is necessarily a federal crime?” Or, indeed, even that we need to do our best to end the abuse of the justice system in America? Obviously, that’s all very just and fair. The problem, of course, is that we have not lived in anything resembling a normal political environment for the last 5 years, and that the Obama Administration used the DOJ for partisan political ends for 8 long years. The political playing field was vastly tilted to the political left by Obama and his evil minions, and neither Barr nor Jeff Sessions have done much of anything to correct that tilt. read more:

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  •  Yes, He did. He told them both that they are free and clear from the possibility of criminal prosecution.  Obama, Biden, and the well known other political criminals composing the Democrat Party can rest easy. It is now "Game on" for the democrats. 

    Why did Barr state this?  What would compel him to deliver such a speech?  His concern for justice?   No. 

    A writer for the American Thinker, Rayn Random, published a short essay about Barr's Speech. Everyone should read it.  It is dead wrong in its reasoning. It list the following points in supporting the notion that Obama and Biden should not be prosecuted. The list of points in my own words:

    1. Adverse impact on the country and world.

    2. It would make a hero of Obama

    3. Trial and Appeals would go on for years.

    4. Set a precedent for prosecuting Presidents.

    In short, prosecuting them would be far worse for the country than letting them skate.   NO, NO it is NOT.  Letting them skate, allowing them to avoid prosecution is the worst possible thing for the nation. It destroys the Rule of Law.  It ruins the Constitution, making it nothing but meaningless drivel.  It makes a fraud of the DOJ.  It allows future Presidents (if we have any future at all) to ignore Constitutional Duties at their discretion, for their own personal and private benefit.  It makes our government a crony infested mockery of a Republic.  

    An abomination is what it would be.  The United States would be the victim, neutered and helpless.  And that is what Obama wanted all along.

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