Build that wall!

The southern border with Mexico is seeing the highest levels of illegal border crossings in 35 years, but the Department of Homeland Security has found one access point it can shore up — doling out $455,000 to a Delaware construction company for a fence around President Biden’s “Summer White House.”

In September, the department awarded a contract of $456,548 to Turnstone Holdings LLC for “PURCHASE AND INSTALLATION OF SECURITY FENCING AT 32 FARVIEW, REHOBOTH DELAWARE,” according to, an online database tracking federal government spending. 

The contract started Sept. 21 and is expected to end Dec. 31. Construction of the fence is expected to end by that date. 

The DHS is listed as the main awarding and funding office of the contract while the US Secret Service is listed as the subagency. Additional information and details about the fence have not been publicly released. 

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  • How about spending the money on digging a hole and shoving the whole Biden Family in it, topped off with the Progressive Socialist MEDIA/Politicians Crowd! Then cover it up and make a Playground or Park or a Zoo! Something useful.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Excellant plan Lynn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm all for it!!


  • Why? They couldn't let him in the water,  he would get lost trying to get out. 

  • Just imagine if Trump did this.....

  • This should be one of the required destinations of the illegals coming into our country. They will have a security fence to hold the aliens in and keep citizens safe.

    • Another excellant plan Joan!  Again I'm all for it!!


  • Gee I thought they told us walls don't work..  Let Biden pay for his own wall!!!  TRAITOR!!!

  • They should build it out of thorns for Sleeping Fake Prez.

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