• These Communist, Marxist, or what ever you want to call them ..? (I call them Communists)... Many of these people have never been seen before in the Political Arena and Never was seen as Everyday American Citizens either..! I believe they were sent here from other parts of the globe and ARE Actually Communists that are well trained to look and sound exactly like American citizens..! They were sent here to invade our Political System..! Hundreds, even Thousands Of Them..! They have infiltrated every part of American life even including our military branches..! They Are Spies..! Maybe Some May Think That Is Only In The Movies but It Isn't..!

  • She shut him down pretty well. 

  • The leftists don't answer direct questions. They change the subject and spout a lot of rhetoric.


  • I investigated two cases in Virginia Beach VA, where criminal invaders had struck and killed 2 young girls in another car while Drunk driving. He had been charged and convicted and license suspended. The other case a drunk criminal invader struck and killed a girl on a bicycle. If we had VALID SOVERN BORDERS these dead people would still be alive. We already have laws on the books to control our borders....but they are NOT  inforced.  We are NO LONGER A SOVERN COUNTRY. Any real sovern country on the planet considers anyone crossing their sovern border will be considered as an invader and shoot them.... I can legally solve our border broblem in 3 days for FREE.. Just Nationaize the NRA and provide busses to the border!!!

  • this is insane.

    • Yup, End times for sure. No other excuse for this world wide insanity it in these modern times. To much knowledge out there but,then again.


  • So, why the hell are we still sitting on our asses? I am on my way to DC as we speak. Are you all afraid?? This is why we are facing the kind of bulls**t we are encountering. We won't do shit!! If you want to do some thing then lets go!!

  • All of this Insane Bullshit stems back to RINO Bush and then Big Barry, The 8 Year Anti-American Bastard and Hillary Clinton and George Soros Thrown In For Gougers..! Biden and Harris Is Taking Their Orders From The Same Criminals Who Are The Deep State Marxists..! Socialists..? Bullshit..! No Socialism To It -They Completely Bypassed That Phase Mostly and Went Right Straight To Dictatorship..!

  • How the hell did this TRAITOR get confirmed? This MARXIST P;O;S; is attacking our country on purpose with this BULL SHIT!!! It's an ATTACK incognito from the Democrats that STOLE OUR COUNTRY!!!! Any other excuse is just another MARXIST LIE!!!

  • Look at all the scum bags that are back in Power during Obama's third term. When is he going to sneak out of his rat hole??

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