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  • Reading the original notice.  It expired the day before it was issued.  Admin efficiency.  I've also watched videos of domestic terrorists placing illegals on busses and shipping them around the country...after an estimated 10% are confirmed Covid positive.  Adding insult to injury and endangering our lives...these same domestic terrorists say they are working for President Biden.  DHS is nowhere to be seen in these videos, although the teacher's union employees are high profile.  Does this by association identify members of the teacher's unions as domestic terrorists?  Portland, Seattle and points south and east are still sign of DHS again.  According to the established media, these individuals are not domestic terrorists.  Perhaps DHS could hold a televised press conference answering questions from real journalists and explain in detail how these Covid violations are not domestic terrorism.  Excuse me, I hear a knock on my door...

  • They make as much sense as if  the the C.C.P. were in charge of them......................KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!!????

    Thius is a Maoist styled cultural revolution started under Clinton. Think about if you're old eniugh. Over 30 yrs. of it. GODD LUCK AMERICA!!!

  • This DHS Advisory is aimed at demonizing WHITE SUPREMACIST... by creating a narrative that paints them as terrorists and insurrectionists. Read between the lines.  This ADVISORY is likely a prelude to many similar 'advisories' to come. The Marxist Democrats are working to consolidate their power over the government. They will CONTINUE TO PAINT THE NARRATIVE THAT WHITE SUPREMACIST ARE THE GREATEST THREAT TO OUR NATION. They will use this narrative as a tool to divide the resistance along racial and ethnic groups. Thus, pitting the divergent interests of one group against another. Identity Politics will expand as the Marxist divide and conquer.

    The next ADVISORY will probably come after a domestic terrorist event... watch for the government to restrict MOVEMENT (free travel) based on a false narrative to control the spread of COVID and the movement of WHITE SUPREMACIST. There already exists a developing narrative to restrict the Anti-Vaccers from moving about. Under the guise of national security, America may find travel interdicted, restricted, and controlled by the government. Look for travel permits to become routine. The days are coming when we can expect to hear the phrase: 'papers please, vaccine passport and travel permit. Travel restrictions are routine in Marxist nations. They are used to control and detain dissidents attempting to escape detection and arrest.

    The Marxists Democrats are presently concentrating on shutting down and radically controlling freedom of communications and movement, thus interdicting anti-government assembly and protests, before they can start. They are shutting down alternative communication systems and using the government-controlled media to tag dissident political opposition... White majorities as supremacists and domestic terrorists. Make no mistake the Marxists are serious about purging all dissident populations from the country.

    Historically they purge all counter-revolutionary groups as soon as possible... after securing power. They focus first on clearing out government employees who oppose their views. Expect, the focus to fall on the military and police agencies of government, and then to work its way down the social hierarchy of power until they arrive at your front door.  Don't be surprised if you find you can not travel any further than your local neighborhood grocery store, sooner than you think

    The Marxists are busy consolidating their hold on the key government institutions of power... They are removing political resistance within the government institutions. Once, they feel secure in their hold on the federal government, they will move on to State and local governments, then to individual targets of resistance.  We are viewing a typical Marxist insurgency, as it expands its base of power eliminating dissident competition.  No one is secure in their persons, property, papers, or personal effects, from the malignant spread of Marxist power.


  • Violent extremist attacks! How so?

    By undertaking their daily lives without government oversight or restriction?

    Heaven forbid.

    Lookit. Even if individuals state ideas that contain expressed violent intentions, all speech but the sincere advocacy of treason, sedition, and insurrection are guaranteed in the First Amendment.

    The Bureau of Homeland Security is straining at its Constitutional leash.

  • The administration illegally installed in the White House are the real Domestic Terrorists. 

  • The deep state is obviously out to get real American patriots who defend the traditional America against globalists.

  • The communists have infiltrated our country, taken over positions of power generally by fraud, changing the language, creating a new false reality and now defining traditional Americans as "Domestic Terrorists" for the sake of punitive criminal  actions against us. Think about that one.

  • When (maybe if) a America First Republican is in office, s/he needs to revamp the government departments from the top down.  S/he needs to bring people from outside Washington D.C. who have not been corrupted by the Swamp and get some honest people in key departments.  People who aren't afraid to call a spade a spade, who will care more about the people for whome they work than pushing some antiAmerican agenda because they think it will keep them in power.

  • He must be talking about the murdeous traitors BLM and ANTIFA. Only ones I see causing mayhem, destruction and death.

  • The Left will find anything, no matter how tiny to continue with this labelling of traditional Americans as "Domestic Terrorists."

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