Republicans are broadening their investigation into special counsel Robert Mueller as the Obamagate controversy heats up.


Rep. Devin Nunes, the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, said fresh criminal referrals are imminent as more people come forward with information about what Trump allies view to have been a plot to undermine the president.

"We’ve also expanded our investigation into the Mueller team and everything that happened with Mueller and the people at DOJ and FBI that were above Mueller. And so, we will be making criminal referrals in the coming weeks against the Mueller team. We're just now putting that together and, of course, as always, waiting on more documents that we really need to come out," the California congressman told Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett on Witch Hunt: The Flynn Vindication, a special program that aired Sunday evening.

It has been more than a year since Mueller wrapped up his special counsel investigation. His team was unable to find a criminal conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, but it did lay out 10 instances of possible obstruction of justice that Democrats seized on as a road map to impeachment. The investigation also led to convictions and guilty pleas from Trump associates over charges unrelated to Russia collusion. Trump and many of his allies have long derided the inquiry as a "witch hunt," and there is now an effort underway by the Justice Department to seek out any misconduct by the investigators.

Nunes says Mueller should have shut down his investigation right away, arguing that the former FBI director knew from the day he became special counsel in May 2017 that there was no coordination between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.

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  • If any red-blooded American can sit at home and NOT vote IN NOVEMBER FOR TRUMP, after seeing a Biden / Michelle Obams ticket with the thinking that oh well Trump will win......THEY NEED TO GET THEIR BRAIN EXAMINED. 


    • isn't that the truth

  • Time for these heads to roll. I volunteer to operate the guillotine!

  • Congress does not have 'Criminal' Investigatory Powers under the US Constitution... Allowing Congress to do the job of the Department of Justice and the FBI is indicative of a FAILED system of Justice and would lead to a very bad precedent politicizing justice. The DOJ needs to be purged of those who have engaged in criminal conduct but that is the Job of the President and Attorney General. However, due to the degradation of morality and ethics in government the DOJ and FBI have become criminal enterprises incapable of faithfully executing the law.   Criminal conduct by senior members in the FBI and DOJ has proven to be pervasive and debilitating.  Those involved (directly or indirectly) must now be removed, indicted, and prosecuted if the People are to have their confidence restored in their System of Justice.  

    The Nunes investigation is a criminal investigation... any Congressional investigation undertaken to send referrals to the DOJ for prosecution is a criminal investigation, not a function of oversight or legislation.  Criminal investigative bodies are not within Congress's Constitutional authority.  Allowing this usurpation of the Executive Branches Powers will lead to the use of such precedent to politicize justice. The Criminal Conduct in the DOJ, FBI, and other institutions of Government is the duty and responsibility of the President to investigate and resolve... not Congress. The President as the Chief Constitutional Law Enforcement Officer and under Article 2, Section 3 of the US Constitution he is charged with taking care to faithfully execute the Laws of the United States.

    The President should create a Special Counsel directly under his personal control.  The Attorney General has failed to properly enforce the Laws of the United States and may be involved in criminal activity requiring judicial redress. A Presidential Special Counsel to investigate criminal activity within the Administration and Congress must report only to the Office of the President. This Special Counsel must function free from the corruption in the DOJ, FBI, and the agents of corruption within the Government.  The administrative, legal staff, and teams of FBI Agents, must be handpicked by the Special Counsel, the President, and detailed to the Special Counsel's Office, using internal resources of the DOJ and FBI.  These teams can then conduct criminal investigations, secure indictments, and prosecute those indicted of crimes... free from any obstruction of justice by the DOJ and FBI. The President must 'TAKE CARE'... take action, to ensure that the laws of the United States are FAITHFULLY EXECUTED.

    The Office of a Presidential Special Counsel would assist the President in fulfilling his duty to see that the Laws of the United States are faithfully executed...  as the current AG, DOJ, and FBI have proven to be incapable of that task.  As Chief Law Enforcement Officer, the President has the Constitutional power to direct the necessary assets of the DOJ and FBI to be used to perform his Constitutional DUTY to faithfully execute the law.  The Special Counsel should also have a Standing Grand Jury established to hear indictments brought by the Counsel in an expedited manner. The People of the United States deserve swift and effective Justice, under the current system of Justice that is not happening.

    • Don't you have anything else to do?

    • Give me the authority and watch my back... With the help of men like Sheriff Mack, Joe Arpaio, and  David Clarke, together with their staff, and trusted law enforcement officers we can drain the Swamp...  before Obama can produce a legal US Birth Certificat or uncle Joe can remember where he left his wife. LOL. 

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    • Exactly... that is why the president needs to use his powers as Chief Constitutional Law Enforcement Officer... under Article 2, Section 3 to create the Office of Presidential Special Counsel  with the full power of the President to investigate, indict and prosecute government corruption wherever it is found   The AG, DOJ and FBI have failed in their task to faithfully execute the laws of the United States and are culpable in the operation of a criminal enterprise to subvert the Constitution and the Office of the President,

    • Since you don't seem to have anything else to do Col. maybe President Trump can get you to take care of this for him...

    • I'll need to check my calendar... Oops, it's full... Saturdays are available only; no holidays or overtime.

    • the President should have done this a long time ago he should have done it the first 100 days in office.

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