• The globalists want Americans GONE!  China wants to be the authority of note in the NWO.  We are in their way as is Trump and DeSantis and others. These Americans represent what America has been. The Left wants us gone.

  • I did listen to the video on here, and the medical profession is more concern to give the vaccine than it is about the possible side efffect. Just like the big Pharms are, money money,money. They need to be held criminally liable for their GREED.

  • UNTIL and UNLESS accountability reaches the pockets of big pharma and the REGIME of the current  ADMINISTRATIVE STATE these tragedies will continue.  For the People By the People??????????  I don't think so. 


  • People are brain washed by the main stream news media.  The hospitals and physicians (not all of them)  are also brain washed or possibly individually complicit.   Factual explanations does not work with them.  Prayer in Jesus Name for God to intervene will help.  Only God's intervention will help.  So many lives have been lost and damaged.  Only God's intervention will help.  Keep praying.  Keep explaining.  Possibly lives will be saved.

  • The "vaccines" are nothing but poison designed to kill as many people as possible while enriching big pharma with tax money and the political ruling class with kickbacks from same tax funds!!!!!!!!!!

    • My wife and I are not vaccinated, and we took heat many times for it. But who cares what the brainwashed libs think. They are assholes.

  • They all should be sued into oblivion!!!

    • Suing only makes the lawyers rich........these companies don't care, they have money o burn, but in this case they insured no one can sue them for damages. Does that tell you they knew it was going to be harmful?

    • How about making the Pharmacutical companies accountable legally like with massive prison times for their lying.

  • It's the Globalists Depopulation agenda in full steam ahead. They are intentional murdering millions around the world

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