• We can start at Our Local Government, Then State and GET A HOLD OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT-!!! We can make sure The Elected SEE and HEAR(and You Can Get LOUD, just like Mad Maxine Waters) I started at the Local Level(SCHOOL BOARD)but, in the area I live We haven't had the crap in School, Our Teachers and School Board are great(so far), I don't do much by Myself, but "WE" can be seen by many-!!! We Have Got To Get Serious About This-!!! keep getting this out there UNITED WE STAND-!!!

  • Did hard time within the Democrat run Detroit city limits. Freinds were murdered. Hopeless. The Ty-D-Bol man can't clean up the Leftist cesspool. Run away as fast as you can...

  • Good for them. Should you have to stick the really unrully ones in the trunk of your car and let them cool down for a few days.

  • Action and not words are the way to go. We have enough good talkers but what have they done other than for themselves.  The people need to make their elected officials accountable and support law enforcement. More important - get God’s order back in the schools.

  • WOW !!

  • The good is that courageous men are stepping up to keep their families safer, because they are left at the mercy of idiots and criminals otherwise. The downside is that this is what they must do. The downside is that good men may get hurt in the bargain, undeserving but valiant. Basically this is what this country needs across the board because we are governed by lawless criminals. I hope when the sh.. hits the fan after a confrontation with one of these fathers, there is justice and not a sham like Kyle Rittenhouse or 1/6 patriots.

  • This is the problem when the Muslims are allowed to take over parts of cities.....they be one the power!

    that said, at this point there are more angry blacks than Muslims, and it’s good to hear black men calling on their own to protect their cities, their families.

  • Good luck with that.

    muslim candidates won every open seat in their recent elections.

  • This is a movement that needs to spread to every city and every street in America.  God bless these patriotic men and their success!!

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