• Good idea!  How about dropping them off within the area in which the Biden wall was built?

  • I still enjoy the picture of our Borders lined with Trebuchets! Just catapult all the Illegals back as they cross into. Call it a "Free Flight Home!" A big pouch can be used to as not separate families!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Finally!!!.........Send them to those responsable for it!!!

  • " THE GIANT HAS BEEN WOKEN" and He Is Pissed- He's Gonna RAISE HELL and Bring Back "FEAR" To The POLITICIANS- THEY WORK FOR THE PEOPLE-!!! The Time Has come-!!!

  • Bottom line is this send the illegal to Joe Biden house Obama house kamala Harris house Nancy pelocy house chuck shrumer and the rest of the democrats 

  • Start shipping them up there! Send some to Martha's  Vineyard too!

  • The United States does not even honor the Geneva Convention when applied to what is acceptable for "Vaccines", under Section 10. Nothing should prevent Our Sovereign Nation from using whatever means possible to prevent invasion of Our Borders by any and all types of peoples without Our Permission and Legal Avenues. Yet it appears Our Governments are willing to risk the potential annihilation of untold millions of "Citizens" through the Mandatory Vaccination against a Virus whose Mortality Rate without assist from "Contributing Factors" is laughingly minimal. Yet the Slumbering Effects of the truly untested vaccines may not be known for years, decades or centuries. Hepatitis C was first introduced into the Human blood systems in the 1300 AD. It remained within a few unchanged until the Mid-Sixties, where is mutated but remained dormant for another 20-25 years to awake and destroy and kill. Without established and accepted means for creating Vaccines, we may have opened our own doom. We, as Citizens in Our Own Nation have the right to expressly block by whatever is required anyone crossing our Borders without Fully Expressed, Documented Permission.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • What a welcomed responce to The dems invasion action. Send them all to Democrat controlled States and let them pay the costs of keeping them . I'll believe it when I see the first bus Leave. This was talked about before and all it became was talk,no action.

    • If it happened it will solve the problem we have with the illegal and the border I don't think they talk about it until the governor of Florida talk about it

  • they should have done this a long time a go send them to all the Democrat leaders in the white house starting with obama, joe biden, nancy pelosy, chuck shrumer, george soros, and all the democrat millionair to see how they feel about it?

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