• The Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists are on a fast track to the Lake of Fire!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for posting the Stalin qoute Col Nelson!  I think that says it all!



  • This isn't about a reckless disregard for the truth... this is about the DELIBERATE use of lies to promote a political ideology, ideas, and policy that can not stand on their own merit... once the truth about the intentions behind their reporting is known.  It is time to boycott and demonstrate against the MSM ... holding them accountable for their lying and malicious intent.


  • And once again CBS as with the rest of the so called MSM reveal themselves for the LIARS and POLITICAL HACKS that they are. Oh well! So much for HONEST and OBJECTIVE journalism. CBS IS NEITHER! 

  • We stopped watching 60 minutes over 20 years ago! 
    Just thought to "move along here. Nothing much worth watching!"

    so many more worthwhile activities to give our time to!

    • I am 71 and have never watched 60 minutes or any of those other leftist propaganda shows!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I stop watching 60 Mintues when they did a hit job on Trump!  

  • Support whom you will... support Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck... whatever,  the election will be rigged and the outcome will only add to the Marxist numbers. Stop aiding and abetting the Left's propaganda efforts to supporting the theory that our elections are legitimate... they are not.  Asking, who one supports for President matters not, as the ends will be determined by DOMINION ALOGARHYTHMS  and election fraud.  Why act as if it matters how we vote or who we support?See the source image

    • To give up my right to vote and just sit it out is surrounder and that is something I will never do. 

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