• We have come to a point where a black life is more valuable than that of a white man. To all BLM and the rest of the idiots the Construction of the United State clearly says "All Men Are Created Equal and Justices For All " you are the racist you are the ones who hate everyone who don't agree with you so I said to you and all your followers go to hell you don't control our life.

    • no one is folowing the constitution the Democrats make new rule and that's the reason they reach the virdict and if you you have different skin color it make it worst.


  • Like it or not the jury was probably scared to death what would happen to them and their families.

    • It's happening anyway. They'll use anything and nothing to riot, destroy and kill.

  • The jury are a bunch of asses! THEY MADE UP THERE MINDS BEFORE THE TRIAL STARTED!

    IF it had been a white guy, he would have been acquitted!

    Floyd was a drug addicted, piece of crap! His family are a bunch of welfare recipients who now have more money than brains!

    • I agree with you like I said earlier the craziness is here in the government, in the courtroom. 

  • the craziness is here and it is in the government, in our courtroom, and in the white house.

  • Maxine should be cuffed then whipped

  • They all called for justice.  "No justice!  No peace!"  Guilty on all 3 counts.  Sounds like justice.  So, why are some black leaders saying it's not enough.  I've come to the conclusion nothing will never be enough.  Get ready..."Justice!  No peace!"  They need a reason to riot.  Momma needs a new pair of Nikes.

  • I hope and pray that the Chauvin lawyers will appeal and win. With all of the evidence that was presented how could any jury come to any verdict in just a day? I have no doubt they simply looked out the window and saw Maxine Waters mob and were scared not to come to any conclusion but that of the mob ready to batter down the doors of the courthouse. This was not a fair trial but a foregone conclusion.

    I watched most of the trial and if I was on the jury, Chauvin would be home with his family tonight.

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