• Put them in jail for violent protesting and then let them out because of covid-19. Nothing is going to work short of civil war. Otherwise, you tell me. 

  • Yep, it's about time! ..... but many of us knew that the backlash was coming, and we can only hope that it continues through election day in November.

  • let them have their summer of love fest with Big Bubba in jail. This Denver Public Safety Director has some cast iron b.................

  • Sure hope he means it

  • THIS is what a LEADER does!  ZERO tolerance for violence and destruction! Protect the innocent residents and business owners in their cities and stand behind their police who are putting their lives on the line to do just that. Only to have Liberal Mayors and Governors tie their hands and penalize them when they are FORCED to use their weapons to save their own lives. I don't know the name of this Safety Director, but I WILL, and EVERYONE should. We should hold him up as an example of what we expect from political leaders at all levels of government. I thank you Sir!

  • Oh WOW.......I am certain all rioters will be happy that this man will be helping them find suitable lodging for they're stay in Denver.  It is always good to know that the rioters wil have such good attention when they return to Colorado.   NOW......where did this Denver Public Safety Director come from.   OMG...this is music to my ears...!

  • not only in jail put them somewhere they will remember what they did.

  • Yep, without equal justice for lawbreakers, there can be no other kind; either social or racial. And there can definitely be no peace.

  • Antifa and maybe BLM too; not respected in jails

  • Its about time that people fought back!  These anarchists need to taste the inside of prisons - I bet the spoiled little brats won't like it especially when some person takes a special interest in them.  Too bad, so sad!

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