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  • The de"mock"rats protect each other.  And by know, most of us feel that they think they are above the law. 

  • Impossible to create a "Law" prior to any Election Process unless using those already Seated In Office, or through the Process of "Initiative." The best opportunity for Change and Assured Honesty is Full Concentration on Local/County Elections, from School Board Members through Election Board Members, City Councils through County Boards. The Local Voters end up educating their Children "The Way They Believe Best" and Voting Tallies are assured to be "Accurate and True!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • They really hate America and the Freedom it stand for. The only way to get them out is vote them out that is why mail voting should not be allowed the same people who were counting the mail votes on the presidential election are the same who counted the votes on California governor run off which says the governor was elected with over a million votes when the majority are not happy with him and what they are doing to the state. If we want to win on 2022 we must have the law to make sure we have a fair election 

  • Just goes to prove that if Nadler had a brain, he'd take it out and pee through it!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Our govt SUCKS 

  • Do a surch on Black Millionairs and Billionairs on your communiter.

    See LA PALMA on YouTube. 3 Documentries.

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