• the satanists wouldn't even read what they were signing!!!!!


    to vote you should be required to have photo ID and proof of citizenship, birth certificate or passport.  

  • Who determines what is "Qualified?" And by what right anywhere is it allowed that Congress can give Taxpayers' Money back to Be Donated for Campaign Funds? Under what Legal Theory?

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Typical of Damnocrat tax and spend.    WASTE OF TAXPAYER FUNDS.   WE ALREADY SPEND WAY TOO MUCH ON POLITICS.

  • What a stupid and possibly illegal idea!

  • The DEMS have become the number one enemy of WE THE PEOPLE.  The number of states that have signed on for a Convention Of the States is growning .When 2/3rds of the states agree to hold a convention WE THE PEOPLE will clean house in Washington DC.

    • We need to go back to the orginial Constitution, and stop pussyfooting around just to please the demorats.

    • I can't wait for it to happen

  • They should have a mandatory class where they have to study and comprehend the bills, so they know every inch of it before they vote on it.

    • Most of the demorats CAN'T READ beyound a third grade level.

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