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  • Thiose Mother Fuckers are makung US the criminals!!!!

    • Surprise, surprise, Marxists historically have operated in this fashion... they seize power thru rigged elections or revolution and then purge their opposition declaring them criminals or mentally ill... shipping them off to gulags for extermination.

      Why should any informed student of history be surprised... that the Marxist Democrat Party is portraying peaceful assembly and speech as unlawful insurrection and sedition... Watch as the next event will be confiscation of all personal weapons, followed by the wholesale round-up and relocation of the Christian Conservatives... Whatever you do, don't use the showers in a gulag.

  • if you Trump supporters to stop show us the 80 million legal votes Biden got this is the only words our GOP leaders have to ask.

    • First, ANY VOTE FOR BIDEN is probably an illegal vote... not a legal vote.  The man had more reporters at his rallies (the few he had) than supporters ... Yet he gets 80 million votes?  Only in a  rigged digital world is that possible.

  •  I agree 100%! I'm a former recon Marine who is now pissed that I'm to old to even march on the state house but check out my Post and let all of your friends know about it. I've done my homework on Dr. Epstein and his analogies are 100% true!! If anyone is worried about the future of America please forward this post to all of your friends.                        Go to: Dr. Robert Epstein Testimony on Youtube: In a nutshell it states. “ Before the senate in July 2019 Dr. Epstein said that by using the algorithms produced by Google, News Broadcasts and Social Media create a “Fake news propaganda technology engine could have manipulated between 2.6 million and 15 million votes" in the 2020 Presidential election. Guaranteeing the win to whichever party the media choose”. This propaganda technology could affect the democratic system of all future elections in the World"! This propaganda model is the same used by all communist run country’s around the world today. And the NAZI’s perfected it using Joseph Goebbels youth camp’s!!


  • This is not about the truth ... This is about oppression and political indoctrination. The left may want to consider this: What goes around, comes around Or with what measure ye meet, it shall be met unto thee... for the old English Christian version.

  • Antifa and BLM are the real terrorist and we must let them know because they never defeat the truth.

  • Civil War should follow any such bill... period.  It will criminalize more than half of the nation and bring even great strife to the public forum... The LEFT WANTS CIVIL WAR as an excuse to PURGE tens of millions from the public square.  Historically, a massive purge of 'counter-revolutionaries' (those opposing Marxism) has occurred once the Marxist gain and consolidate their power... and they have if we allow them to take the office of President and the US Senate thru fraudulent elections.

    The left is telegraphing its intention to murder or otherwise eliminate tens of millions in the US... replacing them with the indigent and compliant populations of Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.  They will seek out and destroy the patriot movement and much of the white male population... as anti-Marxist.

  • Durbin is scum.

  • The Democratic leaders fear protesters waving the American flag more than BLM/Antifa burning and destroying private property are they that stupid do they think we believe them that they care about our country.Trump is my president not some stupid idiot fake president.

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