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Democrats are contemplating secession and potential civil war as they game out possible scenarios for a closely contested election, according to a report by Ben Smith in a New York Times column Sunday.

The bulk of Smith’s column is devoted to the question of how the media will handle Election Night coverage, given that the result may not be known for weeks. Vote-by-mail, which many states have only recently adopted — ostensibly, to prevent the spread of coronavirus in polling places — could lead to an uncertain result.

However, buried near the end of Smith’s column is a report that Democrats have participated in a “war game” in which they considered several possible outcomes of the election.

In one scenario, John Podesta — the former chair of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, and a leading figure in party circles — played former Vice President Joe Biden, and refused to concede the election.

The result: the threat of secession by the entire West Coast, followed by the possible intervention of the U.S. armed forces.

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  • DEMOCRATS have, once again, started a war they will NOT win. PATRIOTS KNOW this election is being STOLEN by the democrats, and WE WILL NOT STAND for this! In what UNIVERSE could a dementia patient ACTUALLY WIN a presidential election FAIRLY? Hint: NO UNIVERSE!

  •  If Lincoln had fired McClellan and sent the troops forward early in the civil war it would have barely been a footnote in history. Trump seems like the same type of leader as Lincoln really.

  • Rather than possible acts of secession... how about we arrest all the KEY PUBLIC OFFICIALS who have engaged in unlawful acts of insurrection, sedition, espionage, and a host of other criminal acts ranging from obstruction of justice to aiding and abetting criminal conduct.  God knows that there are a bevy of criminals in the Democrat Party needing prosecution.  Do it, Mr. President, before they incite civil war.

    • Good offense! Great thinking!

    • Cut the head off the snake and the body will die... these Antifa and BLM nut cases are lost without someone to fund them and to tell them what to do... they will run and scatter the minute the heat is applied and the Pot stops.

  • It won't be 'The Entire West Coast', my friends and I won't and neither will many others!


    • History is clear regarding the intent of Marxist insurrection and insurgencies... their goal is the total destruction and replacement of the existing government with a Marxist regime.  Marx postulated and it has become a maxim in Marxist ideology that REVOLUTION IS INEVITABLE.  

      So, yes Revolution in the form of civil war is likely... should the peaceful transition of our government from a Capitalist Constitutional Republic into a Marxist State fail to succeed in the election or shortly thereafter.

  • I have neen convinced for some time now that if Trump wins the dems will start a revolution. They threw in all their chilps and played every dirty trick in the book for all to see to eliminate Trump. They will not stop now or ever until there goal is reached. A revolution may be the only way to eliminate them, unfortunately, China and Russia will activate if this revolution happens

    • ...and You'd likely be correct. To 'US' it's preserving Country we Love. To 'them' it's cold steel & cement for the rest of their days.

      " If that bastard wins... We're All going to Hang "  The Only time Hillary ever spoke the Truth.


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