• this is the Obama 3rd term and it's not looking good at all.


    •   Yes, that has to be what is going on because SOMEONE is running this Country  INTO the GROUND and It's NOT Joe Biden or that  Indian-Jamaican WHORE Harris So it has to be the ILLEGAL ALIEN INDONESIAN CITIZEN and FRAUDULENT Ex-President Sodomite Hussen Obombmus. That Kenyan Alinskyite Communist MUST be picked up and HANGED ASAP For ALL his Criminality and UnConstitutional Actions but Treason Can't be one of them because you Have to be an American Citizen to be charged and Prosecuted for that and Sodomite Hussein is NOT an American Citizen and NEVER was but an IMPOSTOR who wan't Legally allowed to be the President of the United States, President of Indonesia yes and That's where he should be Deported back to IMMEDIATELY in a Body Bag.

       America, If WE Don't do something to Take Back this Country NOW We are going to see the Chinese Invasion of America or Something used to justify the request of U.N. "Peace Keepers" to be used in America which is something Sodomite Hussein Did make possible on his way Out-the-Door on January 20th 2017!!

    • You are sooo correct this is not Biden he is brain dead if this is biden it could be the imposter.,Barry is the wanted this evil VP.  and had her put in NO one liked her  straight out commy'

  • WARNING: Man Proves That Covid-19 Tests Are Cancerous!

    Warning: DON’T TAKE THE VACCINE! – General McInerney - is this your General or you have a different General?


    WARNING: Man Proves That Covid-19 Tests Are Cancerous! - The True Defender !
    The alarm is on! Maybe we turned the alarm on with the anti-covid vaccines, but this guy and his video went viral. He warns that the COVID-19 tests a…
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