• DHS vows to put opposition on no fly lists as domestic terrorist. Article on Western journal. This isn't going to stop anytime soon so if we keep allowing this then we deserve whatever they have planned for us. Expecting ANY checks and balances of our government is a losing battle. It's a dangerous situation that gets worse by the hour. We watched our country get this bad so we aren't blameless. We have actual domestic terrorist (not a typo) calling a supposed to be Free citizens of a supposed to be Free country domestic terrorist. 

  • The Constitution of the United States stands for for Freedom to the people and government by the people which means the socialist government has no control to our constitution so the hell to this idiots let's take our country back 

  • Our best hope is the Convention of States.  It is our last chance to stop these socialists Democrats tyrant bullies. 

    This our country too... and by design and law: they are not allowed to force their values on others or us.

    One way to fight back is locally to stop or remove every democrat & democrat news outlet from any/all political office or position of power in your community/neighborhood/town etc. 

    Defeat them by stripping them of any/all power(s) locally by whatever it takes.


  • Birds of a feather stick together - If there was any real investigation done of the Obama administration, we would find they are all Traitors just like everyone in the Biden Administration and all Democrats for that matter,

  • the Democrats know how to blame others not themselves the Devil blames others too.

  • Enemies or Patriots depending on which side is in power. That's not freedom. I'm getting real tired of being accused of something for nothing. Go into work tomorrow and treat your higher ups like our fake representatives treat us and see if your not home early. It's dangerous to allow them that power over us. Example: The present. 

  • Watch what you wish for. Patriots are the only ones left to protect our country. Don't piss us off.

  •  The Actual Domestic Terrorist's are the "Communist Party USA in Congress" masquerading as the Now "Democrat 'Socialist' Congress" since the Coup that Killed the Last Real President of the United States John F. Kennedy who was in the process of Delousing the Federal Government, the C.I.A. and other Communist Infiltrated Agencies that were hijacked during FDR's Stalinist Occupied Government.of 1933 - 1945 that Totally vindicates Late Sen. Joseph McCarthy And for a Absolutely Verifiable reference for this Read: "American Betrayal" by Diana West *2013 with All the evidence and referrals needed that would have proved this in a Non-Communist/Zionist infiltrated Federal Court.

     It is at least 95% of That Congress that should be in Prison with half of them awaiting Execution for Treason along with All the RINO's of the Republicrat Party that at least isn't filled with Anti-White Racist Communist's that the Totalitarian-like Communist Party usa aka Democrat Socialist Congress is and Nothing proves this more than to look at the Capitol of Washington, D.C. after Their orchestrated Fake Insurrection of Jan. 6th which now looks like a Prison Camp or Concentration Camp.They MUST be REMOVED IMMEDIATELY!!

    • The Last Real President of the United States is PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP and he will be president again!!  

    •  NOPE, I voted for Trump in 2016 and even before he was sworn in as I saw those he appointed to his Cabinet, at Any time in his Four years because they kept changing, I knew where his Loyalty was and it Wasn't with America, it was with that little Zionist Terrorist State just South of Lebanon's Border. To me, the 2016 Presidential Election was about Trump or the Second American Revolution, so Not seeing the Revolution as a Realistic Option and seeing the fervor over Trump's Election, I decided I'd give this man the chance he deserved --- ANYBODY but that Luciferian Mass Murdering, Psychopathic Liar, Mega-Thief, Marxist/Communist/Alinskyite H. Clinton or REVOLUTION if she got near the W.H. Again.

       This time in 2020, I Didn't even vote as I'm ALL FOR a Second Revolution and Still am as slim as Any success would be and look what has happened? The "Power's that NEVER Should Have Been" WANT Us to start Killing each other so the Chinese Military Will step in as U.N. "PeaceKeepers" as that was One of the Last things Sodomite Hussein Olinsky signed with the United Nations as Favored Nation Status for "U.N. PeaceKeeper Force" in the "Event" of Natural Disaster, Civil Unrest & Gun/Weapon Confisacation under Martial Law which I believe is what will happen soon to America because the question is: "Who is in Control of the United States Right Now?" Biden isn't nor is that Idiot Harris, so Who is? 

       Trump did All he could to MIGA Not MAGA and "'They"' Stabbed him in the back which IS what "'They"' did to Germany Twice in 1917 and 1933 when "'They"' began WW 2 by declaring a "Holy War" on Germany and That's It!!

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