Democrats Roll Out Their Stimulus

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  • America is all about allowing open expression of opinions, beliefs, and philisophies, etc. but there needs to be a point where political/business actions taken against the country, as judged by clear law, results in stripping them of citizenship, deportation, and banning from return entry, ever. Could begin with Oman, AOC , Nadler, Schiff, and a host of others. Anyone who hates America, hates the American dream as based on the Constitution, and actively works subversively against it... they NEED to go. I hear libs have a thing for Cuba. If that's too close for comfort, Venezuela should do. 

  • Democrats defitnetly a socialist and communist party

  • Just more of the VERY same of demo-commies throwing money down the hole of National debt. Just more Cloward-Piven to destroy this country from within. Oh ! I forgot. The standard leftist attempt to buy votes before an election.

  • I'm too pissed off to reply!

    • Me too!! 

  • The politicians are using the virus as a convenient tool to cover all of their waste fraud and abuse over the past 20 years or so. California and New York were already bankrupt. Now they're calling on Congress to bail them out using the virus as the reason why. The Democrats are using it as a tool to pay for votes and control the vote by mail scheme. Hopefully, enough of my fellow Americans can see through this bullshit.

  • I am not afraid of any consequence to what I say.  Many of the TEA PARTY complaints that I read about the shutdown, the government and Obama are baby have a long way to go and very little time to get there.

    • I'm with you, Edward.   Way past time... we need to move on this crap now. Brutally so, if necessary. I'm optimistic that we could pull it off, but i struggle believing enough citizens have the will to do it. 

    • Maybe so , but if WE do nothing and sit back America won't exist at all which is the Dem/Marxist dream.  Pushing back, VOTING while we still can and teaching our kids is part of it.  ACCOUNTABILITY WE MUST HAVE THAT OR MY GOD THEN WHAT THE RULE OF LAW IS GONE.    TIME TO DO THIS STUFF I AGREE IS NOW OR NEVER

    • Hey! Bonnie I am with you 100%

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