• James you are the one!  I love what you do!  Stay safe out there!!

  • The real enemy of America is not the Democratic Party. Although despicable in their actions, today’s Democrats are just another tool used by the New World Order. Some of the major players in this loathsome organization include the House of Rothschild, the Rockefellers, George Soros, Bill Gates, The World Economic Forum, and several other multi billionaires. Unfortunately, with the election of a radical socialist Pope, The Vatican must also be included in this list. The finances available to the Democratic Party come largely from this alliance. The task assigned to democrats in this worldwide conspiracy is the destruction of America, it’s financial system, it’s standard of living, and it’s right to self-determination. 

    These psychopaths believe that their accumulated wealth entitles them to buy and sell the rest of humanity at their discretion. They believe that somehow their wealth has given them infinite wisdom to decide what is best for the entire world and it’s inhabitants. Their ultimate goal is reduce Earth’s population to approximately 500 million people. That means about 7 billion of the rest of us must be eliminated. 

    Bill Gates has been the point man in perpetrating the corona virus hoax on a worldwide scale. It has been the primary weapon used in subjugating most of humanity. The fear factor propaganda that the media has been regurgitating for over a year now has further indoctrinated ordinary citizens into a perceived need for compliance. His loyal minion, Anthony Fauci, is continually front and center doing his very best to scare everyone into obedience and to usher in ‘The New Normal’. As a side note, we have just passed the one-year anniversary of the ’14 Days to Flatten the Curve’ plan so successfully implemented by Fauci and the rest of the SCAM-demic operatives.

     A minimal amount of investigation into the exploits of Bill Gates over the past decade should provide conclusive proof of his crimes against humanity. His lectures on population control should send a very disturbing message to all of mankind. The thousands of deaths in Africa and India caused by his vaccines should have landed him a front row seat on death row. But, like all billionaires, he was able to buy his way out of any and all repercussions. And now, the propaganda mill has promoted him to philanthropist and benefactor to mankind. His latest escapade to seed the atmosphere with sun blocking material to combat ‘Global Warming’ is further evidence of his mental instability.

     If an organized resistance is not formed in short order, the entire world will be completely in the hands of a few psychotic billionaires and your freedom will be lost and gone forever. Like it or not, everyone will soon be forced to take a side in the eventual war for control of everything. A wise man once said:

     If you stand for nothing,

    You will fall for anything.


    • I have been trying to tell people this for years and most, but, not all think I am promoting a conspiracy theory. This agenda of the New World Order has been in the works for many years, they have just been waiting for the right time to overtake the U.S. government, it has been played like a game of chess, and they have their pawns in place. I think there is something insidious about the vaccine. Anything the government pushes something so hard, it pays to be suspicious. I will not take it.



  • Mike, I totally AGREE WITH YOU the we need NEW SOCIAL MEDIA and NEW MEDIA (and observations about "dirty CCP dealings" of social media) -- you're right AND progress is being made. 

    BUT please STOP SAYING the that TRUMP lost in 2020:  look at the data:  TRUMP WON in 2020!  JUST SAY IT!  

    Why do so many Republican leaders seem AFRAID to simply acknowledge the TRUTH that just the verified fraudulent and illegat votes (that came via:  1) votes by illegals, 2) double votes, 3) votes from out of state, and 4)  dead people's votes, NOT EVEN COUNTING the Dominion massive election FRAUD, the huge ballot dumps, AND 1,000's of affidavits evidencing Election Fraud) WERE ENOUGHT TO GIVE TRUMP the VICTORY in the majority of BATTLEGROUND STATES in 2020. 

    States like ARIZONA doing a full audit of 2.1M ballots (hand count) and Voting Machines will verify what I've said above.  . 

    I've met you personally, Mike, and you're one of my favorite people --  I've ALSO worked in the SENATE and have counted precincts and votes being reported on Election night!  TRUMP WON!  JUST SAY IT WITHOUT FEAR, and view the "Absolute Proof" and "Scientific Proof" AND the 5-MINUTE "Absolute Interference" documentary videos at to help make the point and spread the TRUTH about this most massive ELECTORAL FRAUD in HUMAN HISTORY. 

    Thank you.  


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  • Hope millions wake up and PUSH back

  • Mike is a gounded voice of reason.  

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