If President Trump continues to allow the MSM and Biden to set up a PARALLEL GOVERNMENT operating with its own cabinet and policies, civil war will be the only path left should the SCOTUS declare the election void and Pres. Trump the winner...  The Democrats will insist that any reversal was the work of fraud and that Biden is the new President.  They will challenge the President openly and on the world stage for control of the government... using the MSM and a functioning Cabinet as a parallel government.  

The Logan Act was designed to stave off what is happening this very moment... there can only be ONE President and one official government cabinet at a time.  The government must continue to function with Pres. Trump and his cabinet running the government.  Challenges by the MSM and Biden must be dealt with as sedition and violations of the Logan Act.  There is no such thing as parallel governments in our Constitution, nor can there be in a viable government.  Sen Schumer is calling for confirmation hearings, even before Biden is confirmed and sworn in as President.  Schumer wants a parallel government in place and in operation now, as he sees the very real possibility Biden will ultimately lose the election.  Parallel governments are often used by Marxist insurgencies to undermine and ultimately replace the official government. 

It is time to fire AG Barr and half of the DOJ, FBI, CIA, DHS, and many of the senior officers promoted under Obama...  mixed signals on critical issues are being propagated by the Biden sham of a cabinet and the phony Office of President-elect and nothing is being done to stop the illegal activity.  I actually thought Pres. Trump would be smarter than to do nothing while a parallel government is formed.  It is obvious that Biden is establishing a parallel government and if Pres. Trump is successful in proving fraud, Biden will continue to challenge President Trump, claiming he is the duly elected President asking the world to deal with his cabinet and office... He will use any means necessary to secure victory... including civil war... to steal the Office of the President.  Speaker Pelosi famously said that the Democrats would be ready to send in the Navy Seals to remove Trump from the Oval Office... does she know something we don't? Wake up... shut down the MSM and Biden, they are working together to form a parallel government, one capable of holding power, even if the election is voided for fraud.  

Look... this is how 3rd world communist insurgencies take over... it is textbook Marxist insurgency doctrine.  Where the 'H' is the DOJ, CIA, and the State Department on this parallel government? Why aren't steps being taken to dismantle this farce, and to arrest those committing sedition and treason, by creating a parallel government?  Where are the arrests for violating the Logan Act?  Again, I ask where is AG Barr and Dir. Wray... AWOL... absent without leave?  It is time for Martial Law... either President Trump will declare it or a phony President Biden will declare it.

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    • I find it hard to accept  that the DOD does not regard  this as a coup, but merely fraud, and not a real threat to America.

      If they do, then they are lacking in the department of common sense and reality.  What in the hell is wrong with these people if this is the case.  And if it is, how could anyone have faith in such a retarded Military?

    • As far as I know, the Military has no official policy regarding election fraud as a 'coup' or an 'insurgency' operation.  Coup's are usually violent and sudden events ... not the product of elections.  Insurgencies use internal politics and cultural transformation over violent revolution... with most violence limited to civil disorder... not unconventional or conventional military operations.

    • Forigen



      Interference by another country in our election.



    • Look folks. If anyone is of the opinion that Trump is derelict by not declaring military intervention in order to restore law enforcement, one must then admit that the military is also derelict in planning for this occurrence, by doing nothing but sitting on their wide butts waiting to see which way the wind is blowing.  Job scared. Talk about a farce.

      The military response to 9-11 was pathetic. Nobody expected scumbags could hi-jack airliners with boxcutters as weapons. Our response? Send three f-15s out over the Atlantic. And once again the top brass in the pentagon apparently do not realize what is happening under their own noses.  Only a retired 3-Star Air Force General has spoken out about what we are experiencing. How much influence does he have? Apparently none at all.

      Most of us believe that Treason is a serious offense. But, when those engaged in it are never charged with it, then it is nothing but a constitutional joke. Words. Empty words. AG Barr is good at uttering those.  " No evidence that enough fraud was committed necessary to change the outcome."  What a statement.  What a piece of work he is.  What he is telling us is that Sidney Powell, Rudy G. and his team committed to exposing the massive fraud, with all the irrefutable evidence that they have already presented (and it is ongoing) are full of stink like an overloaded baby diaper. Over 74 Million legitimate votes for Trump, all in vain, because Biden won fairly and honestly?

      Does AG Barr think that all of this is an attempt by Trump to overthrow an election? Really.  How ass backwards is that?  Only an abject moronic decadent mentally impaired individual could come up with that, but Barr did.  Our do nothing military brass must think so.

      The Republican Party is anxious to see Trump gone as well. So that politics can be turned back and over to the run of the mill hacks, the do nothings who pretend to be necessary.  The Legislatures who legislate for the sake of legislating. The people who could destroy a sledgehammer in a sand pile. Career politicians, so necessary to have, so that they can "do the peoples business."   Trump upset the apple cart.  He demostrated by doing what they should have been doing all along.  Trump did not pretend to be President.  He IS the President.

      And he is despised for it.  America better not lose this man.  Not by fraud.  Not by the words of a phony AG, a do nothing Military, or by letting corruption carry the day. 


    • Dale...

      Once more, the Military doesn't routinely have a mission to maintain law and order in the USA...  The Military must have Lawful Orders from the PRESIDENT before it can engage in any significant activity.  The Generals can not routinely detain and interrogate US Citizens.  They can not seize ballot boxes, tabulation equipment, and voting logs.  They do not engage in criminal investigations, spying, or monitoring US Citizens, for the purposes of interdicting or arresting criminal conduct. 

      Supervising elections is not a standard mission of the US Military...  The federal government in general has a very limited role in our electoral processes and they are mainly limited to voting rights, equal access, and foreign intel and cybersecurity of the systems used to record our votes.  DOJ, NSA, FBI, and the other law enforcement and regulatory agencies perform the routine law and regulatory enforcement duties, not the US Military... blaming them for any failure to prevent or stop the election fraud is ludicrous.

      The US military did not fail to act... they had no authority to stop the Election Fraud or to round up the criminals. It takes a PRESIDENTIAL Declaration of Martial Law before they can act to enforce the Laws of the United States within its borders and territories. It takes a Presidential finding and Executive order declaring a National Emergency and 'Martial Law' for the US Military to act. In addition, the President's EO will assign specific jurisdictional limits and authority to the US Military, only under the worst of situations (WAR on US Soil) would the EO provide TOTAL Jurisdictional authority, to function as the law full government.  

      The Military is a very large organization... most of its commissioned officers are loyal patriots who support the President... They hold the Constitution and our Republic as sacrosanct ... sacred... and have pledged their honor and lives to defend the Republic, its People, and Consitution.  However, there has been a serious attempt by the Obama and Clinton Administrations to redefine the culture in the US Military by promoting individuals who hold to their particular brand of cultural engagement and ideology. The cultural transformation of the military has been stopped under Pres. Trump and is one of the reasons the Left hate him... Trump is reinstating the traditional values and culture in the Officers and men of the Military. The President has brought back the culture that made Ameria and her military the best in the world.

      You may want to rethink and adjust your opinion of the US Military... its purpose and authority are defined by the people ... thru their President and a system of civilian leadership in the Pentagon.  

    • Ashamed?  For what?  For speaking the truth?

      The Military is flawed. One cannot correct problems when they will not even recognize there is one to correct.  And to you, kind sir, I am ranting?

      Let me politely tell you something. You, and the attitude you express regarding the Military, illuminates a serious problem, and that is non-performance with excusability attached.

      What is the purpose of having a Military to begin with if not to defend the country.  The Nation is under assault. The President is the focused pin pointed target of the assault, and the obstruction that must be eliminated in order for the entire country to be dominated by a treasonous enemy.  That, sir, is a fact.

      The vaunted Military has joined with the CIA, the FBI, the DOJ, and other Agencies supposedly formed to protect the citizens, in doing nothing but waiting for a monumental criminal overthrow to play out.  

      The excuse?  ' We can't do anything but follow orders, bud, so back off and stop ranting.'   And I am supposed to be ashamed?  Be a good little boy and keep my mouth shut?

      How many people on this forum have reason to believe that the CIA, FBI, DOJ , and the Pentagon, are standing with the President, supporting him, planning with him, consulting and advising him?  I don't know.  But my guess would be not very many.  Are any of these agencies loyal in serving under a President who has been under vicious assault for four years, but still managed to do more for his country than any other President?  Does the Military appreciate what he has done for it?  The troops do.  But what about the top?

      It is easy to point a finger at someone else and pronounce that he, or she, or they, should do this or that. However, even so the tree is known by the fruit it yields.  The agencies mentioned have not produced any good fruit and that includes the Military tree.

      As to ranting.  Yes. I admit that sometimes I do engage in it. I get so pee-owed that it just spills out in a rage. But I do recognize it and I am working on it.

      All of us, I think, should ask ourselves why is it that President Trump is so hated? Are his accomplishments detriminal to our National Health and well being?  Is Attempting to Make America Great Again un-patriotic?  Answer that honestly and then one can clearly see what is underway.

      It is not good.

    • P/S  The 9/11 fiasco resulted from the failure of the FBI and CIA, not the US Military... the FBI Ignored serious warning signs and the Federal Judiciary tied the hands of many of our agencies to act preemptively to stop the 9/11 terrorist attack.  The US Military did their job... they shut down all air-traffic and deployed a reasonable air cap over the affected area.  Let us remember that F-15's are not the only defense... the Atlantic and Pacific fleets were placed on a war footing and hundreds if not thousands of air force and naval aircraft were on high cap air cover and interdiction alert with thousands more on the ready world wide. 

      Let us also remember that the Military can not interdict 'civilian aircraft' in US Air Space or territory without an ORDER FROM THE PRESIDENT and once they had it they dispatched the necessary forces and position others according to contingency plans... they did not sit around like Congress and other branches of government waiting on further orders or guidance... they secured our nation from any further attacks.  

      You should be totally ashamed of your comments Dale... the current crisis is not the making of the US Military but its proper deployment and use may be the solution.

    • Dale

      What are you ranting about? 

      First, the Military has no authority to enforce our election laws or to intervene in securing our ballots...  The Military also has no authority to declare martial law.  The President and the AG are the key federal agents for law enforcement and election security. 

      Next, the President is the only one who can order the military to engage in Martial Law...  Additionally, the authority for 'martial law' is Constitutional and statutory, with the JURISDICTION (extent of authority) under Martial Law assigned to the Military by the Executive Order, declaring Martial Law.  The US Military is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, under the direct control of CIVILIANS: The President, Secretary of Defense, and the various Military Branch Secretaries and their Deputy Secretaries, and undersecretaries. There are multiple layers of civilian control over the US Military and that includes while operating under Martial Law.

      Finally, there are numerous examples of the Military operating under 'Martial Law' in the USA...  without resorting to a dictatorial government.  Martial Law is not a new concept and is a very important check on corrupt government, and the failure of civil law and law enforcement to faithfully execute the Laws of the United States.  Opposing, insurrection and insurgency, coup's and revolution are examples where Martial Law may be the only solution for restoring Constitutional Order.  Given the failure of the DOJ, FBI, and other government agencies, to take the lead in the Election Fraud investigation... it falls to the President for a solution. The agents of corruption in our government are in fact stating there is no fraud and that this election was the most secure ever... BS.  If this election was the most secure ever, then our nation is lost. The CONSENT OF THE PEOPLE TO BE GOVERNED NO LONGER EXIST. 

      With the two political parties unable to agree. on the status of the Electors... with all the open, in our face, election and voter fraud, and a derelict Judiciary, DOJ, and FBI doing nothing effective to investigate to confirm or deny that election fraud occurred... we are left with the President to forge a solution and Martial Law is probably the least disruptive and most effective way to repair our electoral process.

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