If President Trump continues to allow the MSM and Biden to set up a PARALLEL GOVERNMENT operating with its own cabinet and policies, civil war will be the only path left should the SCOTUS declare the election void and Pres. Trump the winner...  The Democrats will insist that any reversal was the work of fraud and that Biden is the new President.  They will challenge the President openly and on the world stage for control of the government... using the MSM and a functioning Cabinet as a parallel government.  

The Logan Act was designed to stave off what is happening this very moment... there can only be ONE President and one official government cabinet at a time.  The government must continue to function with Pres. Trump and his cabinet running the government.  Challenges by the MSM and Biden must be dealt with as sedition and violations of the Logan Act.  There is no such thing as parallel governments in our Constitution, nor can there be in a viable government.  Sen Schumer is calling for confirmation hearings, even before Biden is confirmed and sworn in as President.  Schumer wants a parallel government in place and in operation now, as he sees the very real possibility Biden will ultimately lose the election.  Parallel governments are often used by Marxist insurgencies to undermine and ultimately replace the official government. 

It is time to fire AG Barr and half of the DOJ, FBI, CIA, DHS, and many of the senior officers promoted under Obama...  mixed signals on critical issues are being propagated by the Biden sham of a cabinet and the phony Office of President-elect and nothing is being done to stop the illegal activity.  I actually thought Pres. Trump would be smarter than to do nothing while a parallel government is formed.  It is obvious that Biden is establishing a parallel government and if Pres. Trump is successful in proving fraud, Biden will continue to challenge President Trump, claiming he is the duly elected President asking the world to deal with his cabinet and office... He will use any means necessary to secure victory... including civil war... to steal the Office of the President.  Speaker Pelosi famously said that the Democrats would be ready to send in the Navy Seals to remove Trump from the Oval Office... does she know something we don't? Wake up... shut down the MSM and Biden, they are working together to form a parallel government, one capable of holding power, even if the election is voided for fraud.  

Look... this is how 3rd world communist insurgencies take over... it is textbook Marxist insurgency doctrine.  Where the 'H' is the DOJ, CIA, and the State Department on this parallel government? Why aren't steps being taken to dismantle this farce, and to arrest those committing sedition and treason, by creating a parallel government?  Where are the arrests for violating the Logan Act?  Again, I ask where is AG Barr and Dir. Wray... AWOL... absent without leave?  It is time for Martial Law... either President Trump will declare it or a phony President Biden will declare it.

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    • Actually, the 305th is supposed to be focused on foreign military cyber warfare... but since the FBI and CIA refuse to do their jobs and a few loyal members of the intel and military community still exist it managed to use its assets to intercept the cyber fingerprints of the Election Fraud.  It was the Job of the NSA, CIA, and FBI ... all their corrupted institutions failed to act on what was CLEARLY a theft of our elections by outside sources... Democrats cooperating with foreign powers... Treason is afoot.. in DC and its major government agencies.

    • But are we seeing the game flushed out to be shot, a mishandled counteraction, a ploy to bide time, or..............?

      Ultimately, without resolution to the status quo of our due process, Quid-Pro-Joe is expected to wobble up the inauguration podium by many folks.

      In another words, I wanna know about CIA Director Gina Haspel !

    • Pres. Trump must take the necessary action to reign in the propaganda and narrative being promoted by the MSM... specifically, that Joe Biden is not the President-Elect and that the election is not over until all the contested races are settled.  He must invoke the 12th Amendment and its provisions for the election to devolve to the House of Representatives when the Electoral vote is spoiled by fraud or other means.. that will take several addresses to the general public about our Constitutional Process whereby certification of the electorate is done at each intervening step in the process... December 14th, and January 6th... and if there remain challenges to the electoral count on January 20th, the election of our next President devolves to the House of Representatives where each State Delegation has ONE VOTE for the candidate of their choice, conferring the election upon the single candidate with the most votes. 

      The President must inform the people that the MSM's seditious activities are undermining the Constitutional process and if it continues they will be held accountable under the law for election tampering and sedition  They may report on the election and its disputed claims of fraud and the assignment of Electors is being contested and may result in none of the Electoral College being seated in the January 6th, election ... because of the failure of the courts to review the evidence of fraud.  He needs to continue to site the mountains of evidence of fraud and election tampering that has occurred and he needs to ensure that his campaign, the Party, and his cabinet are on board and informed of the evidence and need to contest the election ... Our Republican form of Constitutional Government stands in the balance... as the Democrats will RESET our nation shackling it with the burden of socialism and new world order.  America will cease to exist as we now know her.

    • We are in a cyber war.

  • If the President has indeed sworn "...to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States",  then upon sincere conviction of a due-process impossibility to do so, arguably may impose martial law with justification. His march to collect irrefutable evidence of a fraudulant election, but not addressable by procedural obstruction and circumvention, is a very viable convincer. The connivers may be panicking now in this knowledge, and the possibility of a SCOTUS decision or House vote.

    Anyway, this contraversial argument was presented to me and I find it hard to discount, given the persistant insistence by existing goverment organs to default to a fraudulant election result.

    If Donald Trump truly knows his ticket won the Presidential election, then Joe Biden cannot be inaugurated. Trump will be compelled to intercede.

    Damnit! Also, the mischief makers that perpetrated this turmoil must be either hunted down and judged domestically, or destroyed internationally as an example.

  • I seem to remember that the Obama administration was considering an agreement with foreign governments to assist the US with armed forces should civil unrest become a major problem in our country. Does anyone have any information on such an agreement?

    • Yeah, I remeber hearing about it, but I don't have any info on that. I also remebering Big "O" saying we need another domestic army answering only to him and funded with tax payer money the same as the real military. He has it now, it's called anti-fa and BLM.



    • Place your weapons in battery... and stand to... 

    • Keith, This "old" vet is already there, I'm with you ....


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