If President Trump continues to allow the MSM and Biden to set up a PARALLEL GOVERNMENT operating with its own cabinet and policies, civil war will be the only path left should the SCOTUS declare the election void and Pres. Trump the winner...  The Democrats will insist that any reversal was the work of fraud and that Biden is the new President.  They will challenge the President openly and on the world stage for control of the government... using the MSM and a functioning Cabinet as a parallel government.  

The Logan Act was designed to stave off what is happening this very moment... there can only be ONE President and one official government cabinet at a time.  The government must continue to function with Pres. Trump and his cabinet running the government.  Challenges by the MSM and Biden must be dealt with as sedition and violations of the Logan Act.  There is no such thing as parallel governments in our Constitution, nor can there be in a viable government.  Sen Schumer is calling for confirmation hearings, even before Biden is confirmed and sworn in as President.  Schumer wants a parallel government in place and in operation now, as he sees the very real possibility Biden will ultimately lose the election.  Parallel governments are often used by Marxist insurgencies to undermine and ultimately replace the official government. 

It is time to fire AG Barr and half of the DOJ, FBI, CIA, DHS, and many of the senior officers promoted under Obama...  mixed signals on critical issues are being propagated by the Biden sham of a cabinet and the phony Office of President-elect and nothing is being done to stop the illegal activity.  I actually thought Pres. Trump would be smarter than to do nothing while a parallel government is formed.  It is obvious that Biden is establishing a parallel government and if Pres. Trump is successful in proving fraud, Biden will continue to challenge President Trump, claiming he is the duly elected President asking the world to deal with his cabinet and office... He will use any means necessary to secure victory... including civil war... to steal the Office of the President.  Speaker Pelosi famously said that the Democrats would be ready to send in the Navy Seals to remove Trump from the Oval Office... does she know something we don't? Wake up... shut down the MSM and Biden, they are working together to form a parallel government, one capable of holding power, even if the election is voided for fraud.  

Look... this is how 3rd world communist insurgencies take over... it is textbook Marxist insurgency doctrine.  Where the 'H' is the DOJ, CIA, and the State Department on this parallel government? Why aren't steps being taken to dismantle this farce, and to arrest those committing sedition and treason, by creating a parallel government?  Where are the arrests for violating the Logan Act?  Again, I ask where is AG Barr and Dir. Wray... AWOL... absent without leave?  It is time for Martial Law... either President Trump will declare it or a phony President Biden will declare it.

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  • The US Supreme Court declined to consider Texas's law suite... requesting the court to decertify elections in States where election and voter fraud is rampant and pervasive... Sen. Schumer wants to hold confirmation hearings on Biden's cabinet picks even before he is confirmed...he wants to establish a parallel government in order to challenge the legal government... if Pres. Trump wins.  He fears the fraud will finally be recognized and Pres. Trump will be reelected... 

  • The very simple answer to this situation would be if our representatives in Congress overwhelmingly acted upon the sentiments of honest, hard working Americans who just want a limited government that follows the Constitution and leaves us alone to enjoy our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness as we choose. Article II of the Constitution gives Congress, the representatives of We the People, the power to declare an election corrupt, as do the constitutions of the several States, and to instruct the members of the electoral college to act accordingly. Anyone who is upset or angry about this current situation, including myself, only need look into a mirror to see the root of the problem, and that is citizens who have abdicated their individual responsibility to participate in the selection, election and guidance of their elected representatives in our constitutional republic. Call your representative TODAY and let him/her know your feelings on this matter and demand that they do the right thing. We need term limits, fiscal responsiblity and an impartial strict constitutional interpretation judiciary if the republic is to survive and not descend into the rule of socialist elites. http://conventionofstates.com/?ref=49564

    • The Lord would say... Ichabod has seen another generation.

      The people are not responsible for corrupt lying politicians who have deceitfully and fraudulently obtained their offices... the culture of politics has become a den of corruption.  People are being fed a diet of fraud and deceit by their government and its agents.  Most regularly misrepresent and characterize their service and intentions, pandering to the voice of the people, they con their way into office. The people have put their faith and trust in men who openly betray them for wealth and power.  A Plutocracy of the wealthy buy elections.  They create election laws that make it nearly impossible to vote them out of office.  The resultant corruption is not so much the neglect of Citizens to monitor their politicians.  America's electoral system protects incumbents and the existing political parties, rather than serving the People's needs and demands.

      If there is any blame it lies with decades of failure to train up our generations in the admonition and nurture of God and His Word... Parents and the Church have permitted sin to sit in the pews of the congregation.  Fathers are no longer respected as the Head Priest of the Home. Our culture has generated and neglected family devotional and prayer time, until our culture no longer reflects the fruit of a sincere body of believers. The People as a whole are apostates. They have accepted sin as a standard acceptable for life.  As a former Christian Nation, we were blessed coming in, and going out, in the field and in the home, the fruit of the Spirit resided in the hearts of the majority and we all prospered.  Today, most have forsaken the Law of God, turning their backs on God to feed their flesh at the public trough...

      America has allowed the 'flesh' to dictate its moral code and religious observances or lack thereof...  America is now an apostate Nation inhabited by a backslidden People. Americans should expect to eat of the fruit of sorrow, as they have fed on avarice and the lusts of the flesh.  America has sown to the wind and is now reaping the whirlwind.  Our only hope is for President Trump to call on a national day of prayer and fasting... whereby, the whole of the Nation, humbles itself, and seeks the Lord in prayer and with fasting to ask Him to forgive our unrighteous acts and to cleanse us from our sins... that we may once more eat from the Tree of Life in Jesus Christ.  

      I am reminded of Eli the high priest whose sons Hophni and Phinehas led the people into sin and bondage...  of Eli's failure to TRAIN UP his sons to honor God and His Word... instead, a whole generation in Eli's days were given over to become the Sons and Daughters of Belial...  that wicked an perverse generation lost the Arch of the Covenant and God's Spirit no longer dwelled with the People... they became known as the generation of Ichabod... born out of spiritual neglect and sin.  Our Constitution is wholly unsuitable for any people other than a moral and religious people. Self-government as established by our Constitution only works where the culture honors and obeys the Word of God ... and America no longer has such a People. 

      For more on Ichabod and the sorrows of Eli's generation see the first Book of Samuel

      Ichabod (the glory has departed) is mentioned in the First Book of Samuel as the son of Phinehas, a malicious priest at the biblical shrine of Shiloh, who was born on the day that the Israelites' Ark of God was taken into Philistine captivity. His mother went into labor due to the shock of hearing that her husband and Eli, her father-in-law, had died and that the Ark had been captured. 

    • AMEN. Col.Nelson.  Thank You Sir for saying what I would have liked to, only You said a lot better then I could have.  God Bless You Sir.


  • The Constitution only recognizes one POTUS.  There are prescribed remedies for the "wannabe President".  In this case the wannabe is Joe Biden.  See ya' Joe ....

  • IT IS WAR!


  • Barr was SENT on a wild goose chase. It has been taken out of his hands.

    • Get this straight... no one, not even the President sends the US Attorney General on a wild goose chase unless he wants to go... or set it up, to appear he has no choice.  The AG is a member of the Administration ... he is his own man.  He can be fired by the President... directed to act but he can refuse and has... the option to retain AG Barr is the President's

  • Does anybody remember when Trump stated Biden was a threat to America.

  • This why we have the 305th.

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