Democrats Eye Tax Audits for Infrastructure Cash

Irs Memes

Republicans say they won’t raise taxes on corporations. Democrats say they won’t raise taxes on people making less than
$400,000 a year. So who is going to pay for the big public works boost that lawmakers and President Joe Biden say is necessary for the country?

Enter the IRS.

Biden is proposing that Congress build up the depleted and often-maligned agency, saying that a more aggressive collection of unpaid taxes could help cover the cost of his multitrillion-dollar plan to boost infrastructure, families and education. More resources to boost audits of businesses, estates and the wealthy would raise $700 billion over 10 years, the White House estimates.

But Sen. Mike Crapo of Idaho, the senior Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, called it “speculation.” And he’s worried it could push the IRS toward overzealous enforcement.

“It would be detrimental if IRS efforts do not strike the appropriate balance between taxpayer responsibilities and taxpayer rights,” Crapo told Rettig in a letter this week.

So far, Republicans are only ruling out revisiting the 2017 tax cuts that they passed without any Democratic support. How much they are willing to boost the IRS as part of an infrastructure bill remains to be seen. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said Republicans would rather finance infrastructure through user fees such as tolls and gasoline taxes.

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  • I wonder how much Biden owes for all of his under the table deals he’s done with other countries????? I wouldn’t wipe my feet on the scum that he is!!!!

    • Where has all the outcries to see the Presidential taxes gone,  Very strange how President Trump's taxes were so important, but nobody cares about Traitor Joe's.  We know he took money from China, is he still?

  • If the IRS is going to start auditing, they should start wil old Al "Sharptongue"!  Supposedly, he owes something in the neighborhood of $4,000,000 MILLION BIG ONES, in back taxes.

  • Universal Basic Income May Sound Attractive But, If It Occurred, Would Likelier Increase Poverty Than Reduce It

    There are over 300 million Americans today.  Suppose UBI provided everyone with $10,000 a year.  That would cost more than $3 trillion a year — and $30 trillion to $40 trillion over ten years.

    This single-year figure equals more than three-fourths of the entire yearly federal budget — and double the entire budget outside Social Security, Medicare, defense, and interest payments.  It’s also equal to close to 100 percent of all tax revenue the federal government collects.

    Or, consider UBI that gives everyone $5,000 a year.  That would provide income equal to about two-fifths of the poverty line for an individual (which is a projected $12,700 in 2016) and less than the poverty line for a family of four ($24,800).  But it would cost as much as the entire federal budget outside Social Security, Medicare, defense, and interest payments.

  • Start with that deadbeat Rev. Al Sharpton owes over $19 million in back taxes.

    • AND every democrap in congress, add biden and his family in that. All of them first!  How about every democrap governor and every democrap member of every state and city offical! Then and only then should this even be talked about!!!  Can you tell that I'm one pissed off AMERICAN?


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    • So True. I worked for the ICC in D.C. in 1965 and it was that way back then, so I can't imagine how it is now.  I was chastised by others in the office because I worked diligently. They actually said I was making them look bad. Needless to say, I was promoted out of that office quickly. Eventually went into the private sector.

  • Sounds like a great example of why a Constitutional amendment to abolish federal authority to collect personal income tax is so needed.

    Who would resist the idea, and with what arguements?

  • They cannot say that President Trump did not warn us of what will happen if Biden got elected.  Did you hear that the teachers are having our kids read pornography in class?  Israel looks like may be going to war soon.  We have started purchasing oil from Russia.  The southern border is non existent except for the fentenoyl and herion and cocaine coming across the border.  In Antelope Valley CA the Mexican drug cartels are actually growing pot using CA ground water and electricity for their grow houses.  Keeping the Americans staying home and paying them for doing nothing will open the door for illegal aliens to take the jobs.  The democrats are taking down our country intentionally. 

  • Can you say Venezuela?

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