• We MUST continue to PURSUE and PUBLICIZE the TRUTH (also SEE!  This TRUTH will MOTIVATE voters to PRAY and to TAKE ACTION to assure that JUSTICE is done, and our rightful President (Trump) is put into office one way or another. 

    We NEED to SHOUT the TRUTH about the verifiable widespread ELECTION FRAUD from the roofttops to everyone, inspiring voters to be ANGRY (yet without sin), leading to their being ACTIVE to work until the Election process requires "documentary evidence of citizenship" AND to INSIST that the fraudulent results of the 2020 Election are reversed!  

    WE will work in the "natural realm" (PRAY, VOTE, WORK/ volunteer, GIVE, and JOIN/ recruit),  AND watch what GOD DOES in the "supernatural" to arrange and align events to restore JUSTICE, lift up and install the RIGHTEOUS, and remove and punish the EVILDOERS.  

  • Way to go Arizonians!!!

  • I am glad someone is doing something but I'm not going to hold my breath. The Communist Democrats will get away it, I just know it. I hate it, but I know it.

    • If I understand it correctly the Democrat-controlled County Election board is supervising the recount ... they hired the auditors.   The Arizona Senate wants their own recount and the County is fighting it... I wonder why?  Getting the fox to count the chickens certainly should bring the count into question.

    • Agree.

    • Yup!

      Hank Hill Friends - Giant Bomb

    • The 'As-Is' Congressional 2020 certification is horribly, a done deal. This Arizona forensic ballot examination is a resetting of goal post standards, for "A" future for our Constitutional Republic. 

      If the People cannot enjoy full faith, trust, and confidence in honest elections, why should they consent to the existing government?

    • Why?  Because the people are either dependent on the Government for their living OR... are fearful of being found face down in a mass grave... that is why people put up with tyranny and fraudulent elections.

    • Then with the motive, the inspiration is self-evident, and to mutual purpose of patriots all.

      Pessimism is a better downer than Benadryl.

      Besides, I said 'consent', not 'resignation'.

      I know you can shave the whiskers off a flea.

  • Oscar Wilde was sure right about two great tragedies of life. 

    There are only two tragedies in life: one is... - Quote

    Democrats now will delightfully find this out while we assist.

    Are they gonna get it!

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