• The compulsive liar shifty schiff at it again!!!!!  He can't keep from lying but that is what satanists do!!!!!!!!!!

  • Their eternity will be spent in the Lake of Fire with their "god" satan!!!!!  God will only tolerate them for so long but will eventually punish them for their evil rebellion against Him!!!!!  America has become as bad as Sodom and Gomorrah, if not worse and I believe the only reason He hasn't destroyed us is that there are so many still fighting to take it back to the "shining city on a hill" it was established to be!!!!Remember, God told Abraham he would not destroy them if 10 righteous could be found!!!!!  I don't know how many America needs but I pray daily that God will find enough to spare us while we fight the good fight to restore America to what it once was, and what He and our founders created it to be!!!!!!!!!!

  • Liars!!

  • GASLIGHTING!!! It never ends.

  • Saul Alinsky rules again! The scum demorats never stop using the lie plan. It's what Saul Alinsky wrote in his "rules for radicals".

  • Elections are coming up....anything goes!

  • I really dispise that poor excuse for a Human . He lies without blinking an eye. Somewhere along the line I hope he gets what he deserves

  • The Dem Fed Reps are owned therefore agents of the satanic entities that rule the world. They will never accept resposibilities for anything thing wrong they do since they are working for the sartanic entities' interests. I cannot inderstand why many americans are still democrats.

  • That creep should have been hung for treason a long time ago

    • Yep along with many others.

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