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The backlash has begun.

Repudiation of the cancel culture, the looting of neighborhoods, the defaming of our nation’s history, the destruction of public monuments, attacks on the police, and – yes – the non-stop dishonesty of the liberal media and vilification of President Trump, is cropping up in ways big and small, and it will grow.

Americans are fed up and they are angry. Increasingly, they will push back; polling shows Democrat candidate Joe Biden’s lead over Trump is shrinking as a result.

Goya Food’s CEO Robert Unanue pushed back recently when he was attacked for praising President Trump. Unlike countless corporate types who have caved to the pressures of the moment, Unanue told Fox and Friends “I’m not apologizing” for complimenting Trump, whom he called an “incredible builder.”

Unanue noted that he had met with the Obama White House in the past, and thought it reasonable to work with this president, too.

“It’s suppression of speech,” Unanue said about the tsunami of criticism hurled at him.

He is correct.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., slammed Unanue on Twitter, even though Goya has donated thousands of pounds of food to needy New York families hurt by COVID-19 and employs roughly 4,000 people in the area, begging the question – what has AOC done for her constituents lately?

In the wake of his remarks, liberals set #BoycottGoya trending, but Trump supporters answered with #BuyGoya, inspiring many to place orders for delivery to local food banks

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  • It is past time for the President to inform the nation that the local law enforcement and judiciary are unable to restore or maintain order in many of our states... and major cities.  It is therefor the Constitutional Duty of the President to TAKE CARE that the laws of the United States be faithfully executed and that every state be defended against, invasion, insurrection, terrorism, and domestic violence per the US Constitution and statutory law pertaining to the security and safety of the Nation.  

    As such, we need to urge the President to invoke LIMITED MARTIAL LAW ... to pursue the restoration of lawful order and to ensure the safety and security of all citizens in our nation.  Said, Martial law to be implemented by Executive Order and modified to fit the conditions on the ground, for the purposes of identifying, arresting, detaining, and trying all agents of insurrection, sedition, domestic terrorism... riot, looting, arson, murder, assault, and all other forms of unlawful activity, associated with the unlawful acts of mobs, insurrectionist and terrorist.

    Martial law will include the power to arrest, and detain without bail, all those financing, organizing, planning, participating or assisting in any acts of terror, mob violence, arson, assault, and insurrection while awaiting trial... Politicians and government agents involved in such illegal conduct will be subject to such arrests.  Enforcement of all other civil and criminal laws and incidents shall remain under the jurisdiction of local law enforcement and the local Judiciary.

    Article 2, Section 2 of the US Constitution also provides the President with the power to command the US Military and Militia (National Guard) when called into service of the United States, as he deems necessary to provide for the security and safety of the Nation.  He doesn't need a governor or state legislatures to call them into service of the UNITED STATES... in the case of widespread domestic violence, domestic terrorism, insurrection or invasion (external or internal) from direct invasion or by 5th columnist groups... Domestic Terrorist groups tied to foreign sources...

    Email Link to the President:  Contact the White House

    • Limited martial law? Limited drain the swamp? I say we go all in. Trump needs to assume total authority over the entire country including the judiciary. That's the only way to drain the swamp and protect our liberty and freedom.

    • Yeah, paul try reading before commenting... We don't want the Military issuing speeding tickers or jaywalking citations... you obviously don't get it...

      Martial law can be limited/focused on insurrection, domestic terrorism, riot, etc., letting the local authorities take care of the other crimes... Thus, reducing the impact on civil authority while maximizing the use of the Military and federalized forces to go after the swamp and serious insurrection issues.

  • "Unanue noted that he had met with the Obama White House in the past, and thought it reasonable to work with this president, too."

    So he still prefers Hussein...

  • Everytime we go shopping my family pick up several GOYA products. I had never bought it before but find I like many of their products, Will continue to do so, 

  • you are not patriots.   You are right wing extremists.......and the proper sociological word for that is "Fascist."     I'm a moderate.  The large majority of Americans do not support tRump-hole.   He's incompetent, hateful, liar. vindictive. Look what he's doing to Fauci....the quotes tRump-hole uses against Fauci are from early on when we were just learning about this virus.  We need science.   tRump-hole couldn't' even make it iinto college without cheating.    Who would I support for President?   Not this disgusting creature incumbent.   Maybe  Romney.  Not many Republican moderates like Rockefeller,  Jerry Ford, etc.   Moderates. United us; not divide us.   Today, I guess my choice is the moderate.      


      Again... these aren’t beliefs, opinions and feelings. Here are the FACTS!!

      Posted by Rich Lopp on Tuesday, June 30, 2020
    • We need science? Agreed. Which is why we don't need Fauci or the WHO. 

    • Exactly, we need science not the fake, twisted version of the facts... Dr. Fouci a Brix are constantly manipulating the data and numbers... when more tests are taken, more cases are reported... instead of reporting what percentage of the tests reveal positive results they want to show a growth in numbers of those testing positive... albeit, a careful and more accurate report may show a lower percentage of those tested... test positive for COVID. 

      Fauci and company also ignore the numerous reports of viable treatment regimens helpful in treating COVIC19... touting that they have not undergone the rigorous and lengthy trials required to obtain formal FDA approval.  We know that many homeopathic remedies reporting wide-ranging success in treating COVID19 are being denied by him and the FDA. Dr. Fauci had a reputation for denying the research of others in order to promote that of his own even if his remedy is less effective... its all about patents and money with Fauci.

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