• Everything is blamed on President Trump because they know most people get their information from the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists and are too stupid to see the truth!!!!!!!!!!

  • 🤪🤪. 

  • Then, I guess we can blame Obama for giving us Trump! If this fool would have stayed in his basement after the election, we would have been fine. 


    Of course it's Trump fault....and OBTW the earth is flat as well! 

  • What a stupid broad

    • Trump gave us hope.  Trump proved it could be done.  Then Trump showed us how the most basic common sense policies made everything better.  Trump proved this one world take over wasn't inevitable, but an illegal conspiracy, which collapsed when confronted.  I don't and wouldn't thank Obama for anything at all. (spit)

  • Nothing new to see here....just another lie from a Demonrat which they do daily.

  • That's just plain wrong and while I'm not overly optomistic when it comes to the general population, Biden has now got their attention.  Food is becoming unaffordable and energy prices are through the roof.  Gasoline, heating and electric are hurting struggling people.  Food prices and commodities are constant reminders and thepeople aren't stupid.  They will be coming for the Democrats, but they should be throwing out Republican incumbents as well.  No one and no amount of media propaganda is going to make apple sauce out of this horse shit.

    • The amazing part is, he said he was going to do this before his election! He put us right back in the grips of Obama. 

    • God bless you Cameron, but I simply can't find anything at all about the man amazing except perhaps that a demented, proven criminal and traitor should still occupy the White House. 

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