• Fead people vote multiple times for devildemocommiecrats so yes, stopping dead people from "voting" is suppression, of illegal votes!!!!!!!!!!

  • if they can vote then let them pay taxes

    • I love the assertion. 

      The new mode of fraud is high performance money printing.

    • !!!! DAMN RIGHT !!!! 

  • This are the stupid people that want to control your life. How much stupider can they get.

  • Are they kidding me?

  • You have to give this guy credit for his authentic sincerity on the matter. I wonder what his constituents must be thinking. However, I know what Chuck and Nancy are thinking, i.e, "THAT'S OUR GUY"!!!!! If this was not so disturbing having people like him, even though a Democrat, representing us, it would be hilarious.

    • I thought the bureaucrat answering the Senator Blunts' query, Looked like a possum in the headlights, myself.

      Probably felt like it too.....deservedly.

  • Only someone this inept would be a democrat. 

  • BOY, that Senator was sure Blunt (and I loved it)!

    The response that dead folks must be retained on Social Security rolls, to zero out clerical error, means that the bureaucrat is willing to cut dead folks checks. That only living recipients will cash them is the control? Bureaucrats are incapable of correcting errors? I guess financial fraud is not a concern since we are spending taxpayer money, and there is always more where that came from. 

    (to digress)

    Absolutely, the 16th Amendment authorizing federal taxation of personal income MUST be abolished. That revenue torrent along with the high performance money printing presses, is a NO-LIMIT credit card in the hands of a spend crazy government, and is the catalyst for the sprawling, Federal government barging into every aspect of business and private life. They financially can afford to!

    (back to the topic)

    As far as pro-active correction of voter rolls is concerned, there is no honest, valid justification for: inducing, maintaining or increasing liability for voter fraud, other than the enablement to commit vote fraud itself. 

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