• Every bill should be read in full and through Zoom or other technology with live broadcast open audience observation. They should not be allowed to be in DC but should have to be in their home districts where we can surround them and give them a loud piece of our minds F2F. Coming and going, they should have to face us and not be anywhere near lobbyists nor lobbyists near them.


  • They ought to make it MANDATORY for EVERY bill be READ, in public, before being voted on, that would keep the VERMIN too busy to screw up the REST of our lives as they are wont to do!

  • Schumer is a lying POS, just like every other liberal, leftist, Democrat, socialist, Marxist .........

  • He's RIGHT! Once in a Century Crisis! That being the COMMUNISTS ARE IN OFFICE! COVERT-19 is a JOKE thike these Coc_Suckers!

  • If your f_cking plan is SO GOOD, then let us HEAR ALL OF IT you piece of bovine excrement, I would BET that you would be run out of town on a rail, TARRED and FEATHERED if WE THE PEOPLE HEAR the entire plan! Hey crying chuckie GFY!

  • Schumer sucks !!!!

    • not only he is suck the people that voted for him are sick and purely Demonic.

  • Schumer and the Democratic Party are for the destruction of America. Their policies benefit no one. They are the party of death, plagues, unemployment, poor education, high energy cost, inflation and the destruction of family. They have no desire for God in this country. Why anyone would vote for these things are beyond comprehension.

  • This idiot makes me so sick. I have to admit they get what they want always and they all stick together. Total BS and they created the plandemic and we have illegals crossing that have covid and are not being treated. Enough of this BS on this chinese  WUHAN virus people need to stand up and get on with their lives. It is amazing that the flue along with the common cold do not exist only covid -covid

  • America is being murdered by the democrat party.

    Abraham Lincoln said and he was right; “Nations do not die from invasion; they die from internal rottenness.” The democrats party is rotten and it is destroying this once wonderful country with its rottenness.

    Biden is mentally deficient leaning toward stupid.

    If the American people do not stop talking about what needs to be done and start doing what needs to be done America WILL die from the rottenness! Even if it means war. However, we should at least attempt to organize an article five constitutional convention. Perhaps we can avoid a revolutionary civil war.

    One thing however, we must at some time come to grips with. These so called democrats who are actually communists posing as democrats will never stop trying to fundamentally transform America into a socialist communist nation. So what do we do?

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