Joe #CancerSucks Ryan (Army Dad) on Twitter: "Dem Rep Hank (The Skank)  Johnson Calls Jews Termites <a href= #AntiSemite… "" />

If history has taught us anything it is that holding a grudge is a good thing. I mean there is nothing wrong with showing one’s true colors through hateful speech and tactics. That is exactly what the Democrats believe when they continue to back movements like Black Lives Matter and Antifa. If the beliefs of these radical movements weren’t enough to cause alarm, now members of their own party are turning against Americans, claiming they should be treated like “negroes” for their part in Donald Trump’s Administration.

Rep. Hank Johnson, the Democrat from Georgia, thought it was a good idea to go on an XM radio show called, “The Dean Obeidallah Show” and give his true opinion on the President of the United States and the people who supported him.

First off, what exactly did the President and his followers do to garner such hate and hostility from the Democratic party? Before COVID-19, the economy was booming, America was thriving, and for once – other countries respected us. The only thing that the President is guilty of doing is putting the country before himself. Even when the coronavirus hit, President Trump continued to work. What did Joe Biden do – he ran and hid in his basement until the Democrats handed him the election.

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  • If I can become a negro will I be as dumb as this quota negro??

  • How does he and all the other Democrats get away with showing such public predjudice? His race is the first to accuse someone of being predjudiced, or the more modern word for it is racism, but it's okay for him to be that way to people who aren't on the same team as him? He has the intelligence of an empty cardboard box.

    • Or the nature of a Modern Day Democrat.......So, both!


  • He is sitting in congress only because he is black. No other reason. It proves that racism exists in the black community where they vote in favor of a candidate according to the color of his skin. So then, who are the actual racist?

  • No one even tries to stop these stupid punks; they are just allowed to spew their filthy venom ad nauseam. I'm so sick of it I could spit blood.

  • Racist scum

  • The man is as stupid as a used piece of gum. Anyone listening to him are of the same ilk. Maybe he should spend more of his time figuring out how to stop his own people from killing each other. Get an education and I get a job so they can be productive members of society.

  •  Trash like him would have been hauled to an insane asylum a few decades ago for speaking that way as a congressman, maybe that's why he's so agitated


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