• Imagine if You Would-!!! That Americans where to "TAKE BACK" AMERICA-!!! The Strengh of The Tea Party Will Be Coming, STAY STRONG- D.C. hasn't seen anything Yet-!!! 

  • More than just her election should be audited; I would say her finances should definitely be audited.

  • OOOHHH....where do I even BEGIN with this butt-crack Bimbo ?!  How Brain Dead can anyone be? She is literally saying that HER life is important, but everyone else's is not. WHY does a U.S Politician have enough throw-away money to pay for that kind of security when they SHOULD be paid minimum wage,  and WHO are these alleged White Supremacists she claims to be afraid of? Her constituents should put her stupid A_S in a Chicago Patrol car on a hot, Friday night and see if she still wants to eliminate our police after that! What is WRONG with the American People, and how did such a large number of mental midgets and incompetents get elected to our HOUSE?!?! 

    • How did she get elected?   As I recall we are reported to have had an "election fraud binge" and I do believe it WAS "nationwide".

  • Ape.

  • She reminds me of certain African Tribes who would rather capture than kill their enemies. Men, Women and Children of any and all colors would have their hands and feet impaled to the earth. While the victims were alive their nostrils were plugged with clay, then their mouths were wedged open with bone or stick and they were drowned with urine. Neighboring Tribes took great pleasure in revenge. Fanaticism can never be reasonably nor rationably dealt with. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Texas took care of that problem with Constitutional carry starts September.  

  • If All Citizens "legally" entitled to carry "Arms" did so, then perhaps no one would need "Large Police Forces" or "Their Own Private Security Forces!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpsin

  • The "QUOTA" system gone WILD!!!!

  • Evidently 'Cori the Bush' had help from the crooked Dominion voting machines. The only thing she could win would be a pie eating contest, maybe. Also Cori is genetically from the "Suifae Breed" of animal. That explains it all.

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