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G. Steven Pigeon – once a powerful figure in Western New York politics who flaunted his close ties to Andrew Cuomo and Bill and Hillary Clinton and also advised billionaire Tom Golisano – now wears orange jail garb behind bars as an accused child rapist.

His prominence as a political kingmaker in Erie County had ebbed over time, but then unraveled three years ago as he first pleaded guilty in state court to bribing a judge and then later in federal court to making an illegal campaign contribution to Cuomo.

But six counts related to accusations he raped a child – not political corruption – are what landed Pigeon, 61, in the Erie County Holding Center. He turned himself in to State Police on Thursday morning in Clarence, later appeared in a Buffalo courtroom with his hands cuffed and shackled to a chain around his waist and is now in custody without bail.

"This is rape," Erie County District Attorney John J. Flynn Jr. said of the charges. "This isn't child molestation."

The allegations arise less than two weeks before he's scheduled to be sentenced in the federal case.

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  • Why not revert to the very "old school" of the firing squad and just shoot these assholes....quick and easy and does  not cost alot of money to do it...maybe 10 seconds if you can shoot  straight.....!!!

    • Douglas, I prefer hanging as a rope can be used many times, a bullet onlty once.  The entire corrupt echelon of government could be hanged on the same gallows!!!!!!!!!!

  • Is there anyone in De"mock"rat politics that has any morals?  It certainly doesn't seem that way.

    • Nope, nary a one.

  • Bill Clinton set the example .They all must figure that if Bill got away with this sort of thing , so can I .  Hell ,the pervs in congress  have  access to a "Hush Money Fund" which they use more often then anyone knows .Of course they are using TAX PAYERS MONEY,NOT THEIR MONEY ! 

  • Bet  he used to be a Jeffrey Epstein customer

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