• Let them subpeana Pres. Trump and when he appears before the committee... Pres. Trump should make a brief statement that exposes the hearing as a partisan effort to cover up the purpose for the violence incited by the Democrat Party on 4 Nov 2020. He should clearly state that the riots were planned and stagged to justify the early adjournment of the certification process and the challenges to disqualify the Electoral Vote as presented.

    The President's Statement should summarize the evidence linking the Democrat Party with those involved in planning and creating the violence on that day. He should clearly demonstrate that the Democrat Party used radical leftist agents and sympathetic members of local law enforcement to end the challenges being made to the Electoral Vote CERTIFICATION. That the violence on January 6th was a calculated pretext to ram through certification of the fraudulent election, forcing early adjournment, without hearing the evidence of the fraud.

    Once, Pres. Trump has read his statement... He needs to invoke his 5th Amendment privilege, not answer a single question from the committee. His legal counsel needs to address the Chair, requesting the President's written statement and his affidavit invoking his 5th Amendment right, be made part of the permanent record of the committee's hearing. The President should then stand, state he has fulfilled the appearance mandated, and state there being no further discussion to take place, I will take my leave.

    • I wanted Lois Lerner to be found in contempt, and jailed until the committee had time to review her statement for further inquiry. But the committee instead acted stunned or was genuinely incompetent to respond to the audacity.

      If Donald Trump follows suit, do you think this 'committee' will be similarly caught flat footed?

      Or will they be ready with a finger on the trigger?

  • We're being overthrown by these ass holes!

  • Let's subpoena all those democratic leaders who supported Antifa and BLM for burning killing police officers and burning private property or is waving the American flag a bigger crime 

  • The Republicans need to step up and defend President Trump.  They have tried their best to destory him.  They haven't and can't because he has done nothing wrong.  The democrats need to do some house cleaning over on their side.  Starting with Biden and ending with the 2 Senators from Ga.  You would have to look far and hard to find a honest democrat.  When we get back in power I hope an investigative committee is formed in both Houses to go after all the crooks in the Federal Governments.  All the Republican Patriot need to stand up now.  Campaign hard for the Rigth Candidates an gain  a super majority in the house.  



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  • That would be the DEMONCRATS stupid!

  • Aren't these two a pretty pair of porters?

    (being PC imperfect and loving it)

    Their knwledge is so vast and profound,

    their thimbles floweth over.

  • Rep. McCarthy (House GOP Minority Leader) needs to ensure that he doesn't have a single Republican on this committee... he can then institute hearings of his own outside of Congress just like the Dem's have done in the past... too, arrive at a balanced view of what took place in DC on January 6th.  Having no subpoena powers he can issue requests and if the individuals don't accept... conduct the best hearings possible using experts and then refer criminal charges on a whole host of suspects involved in planning and conducting the RIOT that Antifa instigated and fueled... link them to the FBI, Local District and Congressional Police and play footage from the closed-circuit security cameras that clearly indicate police collusion with the riot.

    • And these people, these Congress people, these 'committee' people, are PAID by us for this ridiculous comedic theatre, which is nothing but the ongoing attempt to deceive and deflect the obvious, and place the crime on the victim rather than on the perpetrater.  And we must pay them for it?

      There is no way to dress this up, make this up, or put a costume on it.  It is looney ville on parade. The entire world watches and giggles at this stupid beyond comprehension production.  Our enemies see plainly how weak and cowardly our government is.  It is thrown in their faces on television!   Look at Biden.  Just LOOK at him.  And HE replaced Trump?

      This outrageous phony act will only be followed by even more outrageous, decadent, depraved, and utterly disgusting actions. Our Courts cower in fear of the all so obvious and rampant corruption in Congress and the Executive.  Yes, Fear guides the Court.  Not Justice. Not law. Not righteousness.

      As a result one of the charges against King George, penned by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence, has now come full circle into our own government.  And that is, "  He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the Public Good."   Our own government has utterly neglected to attend to them.

      And we are told to accept it.  That there is nothing to be done about it. Accept the election and wait on the next one. Like good little boys and girls.

      NO.  This outrage, this crime, this treason, can be corrected.  Where there is the WILL to do it, there damn sure is a WAY to do it.  Legally. Lawfully.  Not illegaly, or unlawfully.  The Constitution does not handcuff righteousness and allow corruption to reign and run, so those inclined to think it does need to think differently.

      I am not a lawyer.  But I know who makes Law. And I know under what authority Law is made.  "Failure is NOT AN OPTION."  And that certainly applies in this mess.

      In my view, a good way to start the process would be to stage another march on DC, only bigger than the one of January 6th.  A real demonstration with numbers dwarfing that of MLK.  This would shove that 'committee' hearing right down the slop chute where it belongs, and let the government know for certain that the public is demanding justice, and not accepting a criminal fraud as president.

      There are other ways too. But all means will require leadership, and personal sacrifice.  Look at it this way.  Do all you can, and even more, but do it in a Godly manner, one in which He would be pleased, and demonstrates what is in our hearts.

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