• Whose quoting the pretender in chief...  And what fish are you frying... the kitchen smells horrible.

    • LOL. Just an expression.

    • Joe Scarbourough is a murderous goon of the truth,

      and at least one womans life.

      That is enough for me!

    • Jeff...

      A mirror image of anything is a REVERSE IMAGE... You may want to examine the science behind mirror images... for example... what one holds in one's right hand appears to be on the LEFT side in a Mirror Image.  Try thinking before engaging.  Biden is the reverse image of Reagan.

    • you are right he is not even close to being the Reverse image of Ronald Reagan either Joe Biden is a Demon possess guy along with Obama and his administration.

  • can someone tell me what's wrong with this statement Joe Biden is a sick puppy and he is a Demon possess guy for all I care?

    • just the opposite of Reagan.  That's a mirror for you.

    • isn't that something?


  • "Delusional Scarborough Declares Biden ‘Mirror Image of Ronald Reagan’"

    Politically blind with or without glasses. A rough player in office encounters though.

    Joe Biden is a political running joke that promises tragic punchlines.

    Joke Biden mirrors Ronald Regan politically all right, post funeral.

    I can't wait for him to call Jill Biden,"Mommy".

    He just might think that really is who he is talking to.

  • Trust me God will get him in the end

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