• Another group of cowardly freaks that deserves to go down in flames. Can't wait to see it.

  • We have power in our numbers. We need to use this effectively to do our own cancelling. I will never use Delta again.

  • Good bye Delta.  Your actions were terribly flawed and you will soon realize this as fact.  By your actions, you basically pissed into the wind and now YOU'LL have to deal with the "blowback".  I have a sneaky suspicion that there are about 75 million others who will all be adding to the "blowback".  Smile Delta, the Conservative "shower" will be free of charge and will last much longer than you realize.

  • Let's all boycott Delta. Take Southwest, United, American. Only support companies who support us. This is War. $$$$ talks.

  • BOYCOTT DELTA for starters


    And, they shouldn't get a dime of our $$$ for bailing them out.

  • It will get worse before it gets better!  Just keep remembering the companies and people who are doing this.  Payback will be a bitch!

    • Somebody needs to keep notes on the companies who do this , and remind the people who they are so we can boycott them.

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