• they need to file a massive lawsuit against Delta and run their asses right out of business once and for all

  • Boycott.

  • We need to start boycotting all of these communist businesses that support blm and antifa, and the democrap party.

  • Delta Airlines must want to fly only Antifa and BLM... I will never use them.

  • If you want to keep Apple from deleting your Parler App go to this link

    How To Stop The Parler App From Being Deleted Off Your Phone
    Big tech has ramped up it's assault on free speech by deleting the Parler app from their online stores; here is how you can protect the app if you al…
  • Stop backing blue they are not your friends they are brown shirts they do bidding for big checks.I took all back blue shit and burned it ,so I guess I stand with BLM anti fa  because fuck the blue .Looks like blue picked a side a pay check a tossed their oath in trash and,they will pay just like left see they fail to realize we can find out very easily where they live just like they can with us.So bluehope you will be happy when your turn is over

    • Most of the larger metro police forces have been politicized by Marxist City leadership and counsels... their newer line officers and management are politically correct anti-traditional law enforcement... they are more prone to engage in political repression than law enforcement. 

      The Left has destroyed much of our law enforcement and courts... installing social justice and Marxist goals as their underpinning doctrines... not our Constitution or historic Statutory law.  They are ruling under the color of law and the use of arbitrary enforcement to accomplish the social transformation of American society. 

    • Well said! You are absolutely right about the scumbags with badges. They are a big part of the problem! Do not support or back them. They are NOT your friends and must not be trusted under any circumstances.These oath breakers are going to have a big backlash against them !

    • Stop backing and protecting the terroristic BLM and ANTIFA, and the COMMUNIST PARTY  and back up the US Constitution instead!!!!!

    • Surprise, surprise... the left does not view BLM and ANTIFA as terrorists... they see them as freedom fighters and the arm of social justice.  These public nemeses are the product of our Public Education System... THANK A TEACHER for them and congratulate a Professor for educating them in the doctrines of Marxist social justice.

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