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  • Who cares!?...How many people do you know, in DC. that KNOW, and would actually TELL w/ names, dates, and proof!? These people won't turn on themselves, because the horror goes so deep, EVERYBODY seems to be involved, one way or the other, Hillary famously is attributed to say, 'If I go down, I'm taking half of D.C. with me!' ...Believe me, it's more than half! NOBODY there wants THAT to happen.

  • Anyone found guilty of any part in the election process, or lied about it, or was a party to hide the truth, should spend some time in jail, lose their voting rights, and be banned from any contact with local, state, or federal governments, including working for a lobbying firm.  The bastards did wrong, and now they pay.  

  • yeah look at all the corrupt SOB's they all need to go down any that still remain and all clearance needs to be stripped they should be in prison hey we can fill Gitmo Biden already released everyone of the Obama terrorist we can fill it with all these treasonous bastards

  • "Add these folks to the list of swamp creatures who, with deliberate intent and purpose, lied to sabotage the 2020 election. What consequences should they face?"

    At the very least, financial destitution resulting from fending off government prosecutions for treason and sedition in election fraud, and in just imprisonment.

    But since "W" has declared the Nation in a sustained state of war everywhere with international terrorism, high crimes like these in a time of war, rate exemplary capital punishment. IMHO

  • Our problem isn't the lack of prison space.  It's our inability to effect change.  It's our collective impotence.  It even proved to be the case with our populist leadership.

    I am forever blaming Trump for his seemingly weak and confused understandings when he took office, but I have a career militrary friend, an academy graduate who says the real problem is that Trump never had the power that most people think the president has.  All the things that he needed to do, he never had the power to do.  Maybe Trump knew as much, or was soon enough told as much so he just tried to get around tackling the real problems thinking he could incrementally begin to turn things around.  Well, we are all here to testify how that approach worked out.  It didn't.

    The goal isn't and never was to criticize Trump.  The purpose was always to recognize the truth of what happened so as to reflect and adjust.  Ignorance and denial won't change outcomes, nor will blind loyalty.

    • As you say, Trump didn’t have the power (authority ?) to do the things people think a president can do. As an example, why did pelosi try to remove all ability for him to make a decision regarding nuclear weapons if it’s not the sole decision of a president to do so? It’s not. And yet the present thief in chief gets horrendous choices enacted without the authority . I am not really questioning the why. And as you have said, we are (inexplicably )impotent .

  • There’s probably not enough jails in the US for all the traitor trash , even if they can be caught and convicted. Since our government has made secret deals with many countries , I suggest making a deal to build a few jails in Siberia or the Outback of Australia. Find some remote and unpleasant places that are far from the America they betray and dump their asses into those jails.

    • Our problem isn't the lack of prison space.  It's our inability to effect change.  It's our collective impotence.   No one who represents anything we hold as dear has any power.  

  • Since we don't have enough jails cells in the country we could make tent cities like Joe Arpaio did. But since they will be getting 20 yrs to life for treason the death penilty would be best. These people had no fear in what they were doing and thought they would never get caught. Supise, suprise, suprise, you got caught and if you want to live in prison the rest of your life instead of hanging by a rope around your neck make a plea bargan and spill the beans on your other commrads.

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