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    • Sounds "fair & balanced" to me!!!  Good idea!!!

    • Add in a source for obtaining 'Tar and Feathers' and a good idea becomes an excellent idea...

    • I have feathers, lol. And would concrete work?

    • Can you imagine? 

      Instead of a green screen, he could have the rally as a back drop. 

      So when they ask Trump why he won't condem White Surpremacists, He could turn to the Rally and say, "I've done that many times, you people remember that, don't you."  And the whole rally could answer, "Hell yes!  Get on with the next question!"


  • The President is absolutely correct on this issue... the Moderators have all demonstrated a negative bias for the President...  Every question given to the President is preceded by a Set-UP commentary from the moderator that is loaded with bias and negative statements to discredit the anticipated response by the President.  The President is debating both the moderator and Biden and he should tell the worthless supposed bi-partisan presidential debate committee to shove it where the sun doesn't shine... sorry, _Gov. Como ... if that offends you.

    • Agreed Ron.


    • This ALSO occurred in the VP debate, the moderator was BIASED to the BONE, PERIOD!


  • I call that a Trump win! Biden fumbled through the last debate. Meanwhile the MSM called him winner. Trump's only problem was not giving sleepy Joe time to crash and burn.

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