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  • President Trump is right. He won't need another debate anyway since he will win with a huge landslide irrespective of what the fake polls are saying. The large majority of Americans is patriotic and therefore behind their President Trump no matter what.

  • I opt for the first (and best) idea. That way we won't have to endure leftist, biased stupidity.

  • "DEBATE" is a misused word to describe this democrat/socialist/communist moderated program. Nothing is debated on this so called debate. I wonder what miracle drugs the dems gave biden so he could stand up for 90 minutes and appear almost coherent ? Lets have a debate on that question.

    • Sounds like Meth... locally available and for a dime, he can get it laced with fentanyl... for a George Floyd Bon Voyage Cocktail. 

    • That is what I cannot figure out. He goes from being completely incoherent and unable to finish a sentence, to debating coherently and even arguing. Makes no sense. Drugs don't bring back the mind, do they?

    • That's one of the signs of dementia. Trust me, I know; I lived with it.


    • Melanie—Do you mean they go from coherent to incoherent? 

    • For most people, yes, but in Sleazy Joe's case, he's never been coherent.


  • If they're going to insist on a virtual debate, then I think that Trump should set up that debate at one of his rallies.  Then when he answers the questions he'll be talking directly to us and when they try and sucker punch him with their biased questions, they'll be able to hear our boos and objections.  All this happenig live in real time.

    • With a live audience drawn randomly from the crowds outside the facility for the debate, the moderators may become moderated... I would suggest a rather large kettle filled with tar and a cart filled with feathers be kept within sight of the moderator at all times.

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