Dear BLM...I'm Sorry

6638599282?profile=RESIZE_400xOver the course of the past several weeks, we have all seen a Marxist organization running amok in our streets trying to form a political party and wreaking havoc in our cities. This band of thugs has been defacing and tearing down monuments and statues, looting businesses, committing arson, and targeting cops, and civilians alike.

They have done hundreds of millions of dollars in damage, severely injured scores of good people, killed some police officers and left some cities in tatters.

Liberal elected officials in this country are trying to appease the thugs, not out of a sense of altruistic intentions, but for their votes, and garden variety liberals have been pretending to be apologetic to the BLM, even taking a knee in solidarity with them, or bowing and scraping to them to show their supposed displeasure at their own skin color.

Many liberal celebrities have taken to various forms of social media to tell the BLM goons and thugs how sorry they are for their supposed privilege.

In fact, the BLM goons, thugs, looters, arsonists, and murderers have encouraged all of the rest of us, via domestic terrorism, to pony up and say we’re sorry.

I have decided to take the unprecedented step, as a Conservative blogger and radio co-host to do just that…to say I’m sorry…and so here I go…



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  • Awesome post...every single one of these yahoos belong behind bars and the keys thrown away


  • Well worth reading... in fact, have your children and grandchildren read it as a  history lesson... 

  • Alright now!

  • Beautifully written, I agree.

  • The only thing I'm sorry about is the fact that the communist terrorist Antifa, and BLM are still alive!! They must be eradicated by any means necessary for the good of America!!

  • There's no such thing as black lives, don't fall for the slogans of liberalism, they're meant to deceive.

    Margaret Sanger knew exactly what she was doing, her words and actions accelerated the growths of "weed".

  • Always 100% on target.   Well said.   

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