New York Mayor Bill de Blasio supported mass protests this weekend on behalf of Black Lives Matter and the transgender cause, but the city is welding shut public parks used by the Orthodox Jewish community.

Faithwire and social media users reported Monday that the city was welding shut the gates of public parks in areas of Brooklyn used by the Jewish community in those areas :


It was not clear if parks were shut elsewhere. However, authorities appear to have been singling out parks in Jewish neighborhoods of Brooklyn for enforcement — while large protests have been tolerated in other parts of the same borough. Central Park was full of sunbathers on Sunday, according to the New York Post.

Moreover, tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered in Brooklyn for demonstrations in support of “black trans” individuals. While many people wore masks, there were few other attempts at “social distancing,” despite coronavirus.

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  • Glad to see them do this. DeBlasio should be removed from office for his extreme prejudice and umpteen violations of our Constitution. And of human rights, period. 

  • Resist the Totalitarian Tyranny of the left or submit to it.........................We're there.

    • Amen to that! - We need to eliminate the left (plus the fake news) and we need to have Trump take total control of the country from the federal government all the way down to the town level. Otherwise we'll have many more Seattles in the future.

  • What authority makes these video unavailable? Is it the Teaparty?  Somehow I doubt that. But..........


  • Good for them! So glad they got together and did this. The double standard is so obvious.

  • So is my Gov Phil Murphy he is more like Stalin.  Picking and choosing who is more essential.  WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE?  MY GOD .  I GUESS W/THE SCHOOLS CONDITIONING OUR KIDS THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS AND WHAT WE GET.

    Time to teach our kids or loose the country that is part of their plan.  Just look at the cities.  

    Good for these people finally.

    • You criticize Murphy for picking and choosing who is more essential. Does that mean you are supporting equality for all including the lazy poor and LGBTQ? - It sure looks like this venom of picking and choosing the wrong kind of people is totally in American society today. It's high time that real American patriots take their country back and eliminate all who aren't on the same page. 

  • Why the surprise that DeBlasio acts like a dictator. He is simply following the example of his mentors: Stalin, Mao, Castro, Che, Pol Pot, etc.

  • but they will still vote Democrat

    • EXACTLY.........

      They are the 'SHEEPLE ofthe demo-kkk-rat communist party......

      and YES....They Will Still Vote For Sleepy Hoe Biden....UGH....!!!!!

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