• We need all of the other liberal scum governors  to face criminal charges for the nursing home deaths that they are responsible for.

  • Truly a love match made in penitentiary heaven.

  • Alpha Males is too charitable for those two  It's more like A-holes if reality is any witness. They are like two starving rats. The dominant one will eventually eat the other.

  • This is off subject but since they (the communists) intend to hunt us down and arrest us who support Trump (conservatives) you should concider no longer using your eal names on the posts we make. Chose a username. There is no reason to make things easier for them. If they have your real name it makes it easier for them to track you down. We all see how things are going with communists in control of our country now. I just changed my posts to a username and you should all concider it.

    • Hmmm. I like the idea of a username. You will all know me anyway.

    • Maybe you can contact Steve and suggest that to him about the username?

  • I love watching a communist attacking a communist

    • Yep, rotten big bird commie attacking the super arrogant killer Cuomo!!!!!


    • what else they can do?

  • We probably have not seen anything yet. Might be fun to watch as I think this is going to continue amongst many other Dems. Suspect the Dems want Comrade Cuomo gone so he will not run for President in 2024. They already have their choice picked out. 

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