• As an American Citizen it is your Duty when observing a "Crime in Progress" to do all within your powers to stop that Crime from proceeding, and Damn the Consequences! Seeing a small child shoplifting candy, requires grabbing the child's arm and getting the attention of a Store Employee, providing statement, name, and proper data. In most all occurrences this child's embarrassment will prevent any and all future anti social behaviors. In a robbery, beating, assault, theft, use whatever means are available to detain the offenders, from weapons threatening/shooting, throwing objects, scattering/running over with vehicles. Provide appropriate information for prosecution. There will always and forever be a miniscule of those who will bring a "Law Suit" against the Citizen interfering with anti-social acts. These "Suits" are a "Rare, less than 1% occurrence, over emphasized via Progessive Socialist Media and Politicians and their Ilk! These are not to be any more feared than " Toothless Junkyard Dogs!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • What about a Coddling a Corrupt,Criminal, Bureaucratic State?

  • the question that elected officials / media/ and these activists never ask is HOW COME CRIMINALS ARE EXEMPT FROM OBEYING THE LAWS THAT I HAVE TO

  • The criminals have more rights than the police and the victims. Let’s reinstate stop and frisk to take the guns from criminals. Nothing else will work.

  • Poilice Chief is right on, but Mayor Bow wow is not going to like it.

  • If One is not willing to defend what is theirs with their own life, it was never theirs in the first place. Police investigate "Crime Scenes." "Courageous Red Blooded Americans " Prevent Crime Scenes. "

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Well finally a man with some stones!!!

  • Guns are not the problem, bad people with guns ARE the problem. Reverse racism has taken over our country like the plague. The MSM and the leftist democrat party have promoted all the violence. When we have trash running our country, such as Pelosi, Biden, Schumer, AOC, and the rest, there will never be peace, harmony.and law and order!!! 

    • The problem is that good people with guns are not allowed to do anything to protect themselves from criminals and the violent criminals.  Violent criminals do not start out violent, they start with property crimes and then graduate to violence.  We need to be able to stop them before they turn violent.

      First thing is to pass constitutional carry allowing all good people to carry the protection they need and make it legal to shoot someone for a property crime or even if the criminal is running away.

    • Good people are submitting to Tyranny. NOW WHAT?


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