• As long as it is there for prevention right now.   LEt the protestors know YOU AIN'T GETTIN IN PERIOD.  

  • An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Not getting near THIS White House.

  • These are standard precautionary deployments of troops to guard Critical Infra-Structure... electrical facilities, Hospitals, Police Stations, etc. Unlike MN... DC has plans to preposition the necessary men and equipment around the Capitol based on the treat level...

  • Follow the money

  • About time. If they run out of places to jail them GITMO is available.   Once a few of them are injured or worse to cowards will run for the hills. The FBI needs to start investigating the funding of these scumbags and take appropriate action for TREASON.

  • If that 's what it takes, do it, violence respects violence and these Antifa slugs will meet their match!

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