DC mayor calls in National Guard for protests

Trump supporters march in Washington to support his false election claims –  SabKa Tv

Washington, D.C.’s mayor urged calm Monday as some 340 National Guard troops were being activated while the city prepared for potentially violent protests surrounding Congress’ expected vote to affirm President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

According to a U.S. defense official, Mayor Muriel Bowser put in a request on New Year’s Eve to have Guard members on the streets from Jan. 5-7th, to help with the protests. The official said the D.C. National Guard members will be used for traffic control and other assistance but they will not be armed or wearing body armor. Congress is meeting this week to certify the Electoral College results, and President Donald Trump has refused to concede while whipping up support for protests.

During a press conference on Monday, Bowser asked that people stay away from downtown D.C., and avoid confrontations with anyone who is “looking for a fight.” But, she warned, “we will not allow people to incite violence, intimidate our residents or cause destruction in our city.”

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    • Let's hope that the Joint Session of Congress votes to decertify the electors due to fraud... and no one has 270 electoral votes... that will throw the election of our next President into the House of Representatives for a simple majority vote... with each State Delegation having  (1) vote a total of 26 required to win... the GOP controls 27 State Delegations, based on that fact the next President should be Donald J. Trump...

    • But how many of those GOP members are RINOs

    • It is one vote per state... if any state deligation bolts and votes for Biden... the President needs to bolt and start a 3rd Party... or work to throw out the current GOP leadership in the RNC and convert it to a Constitutional Conservative Party.... why not coop the RNC/GOP it is very difficult to start a 3rd party... none of the stat ups have been successful.

    • That is the best damned idea I have heard!

    • Trump WAS our third party. The other two can go to hell!


  • The President needs to act now to resend the Mayor of DC's request... and order the National Guard to stand by to arrest the Mayor and entire city Counsel of DC... The President has the authority to do so ... and if he is serious about overturning the election he needs to declare a national emergency and Martial Law... placing all National Guard forces under his direct command.  If the President doesn't do this she can and will use the National Guard to break up the rally on the 6th...

    I am very concerned that the President may not head off the Mayor's request and may simply let her run rip shod on the Trump rally.... he is getting horrible advice and any advice that allows the Mayor to mobilize the Guard under her control would be IRRESPONSIBLE... to say the least... it would be a major betrayal.

  • They will have the guard standing around the Trump supporters while anti-fa and BLM are burning and looting the city. Afterwards they will blame the Trump supporters the the destruction.

  • You can bet your bottom dollar that the cowards with guns and badges will only go after good American Patriots as they are afraid of the worthless filthy subhuman black lives don't matter and the equally worthless Antifa. Patriots must stand up to and put these oath breaking cops in their place!

  • Ask the members of the National Guard and the police what their oath says! Take a big old nasty sock to DC just in case you encounter Bowser, that way you can help her STUFF IT!

  • Bowser is accuratly named 

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