• Glad they did  it

    • Yes Janet.....I too am thrilled that they stepped in and handled it...!


  • They should have just strung his Marxist ass up on one of the light poles.  Dead antifa tells no tails .....

  • KICK ASS! 😁😁😁

  • I don't understand when people stand around and take pictures - why are they there if not to get involved and beat the crap out of Antifa.

    • Each according to his abilities, Edie.

  • Great, I doubt they learned a lesson from that beat down. Antifa thugs will keep hurting and killing because they are run by the socialist Democrats. Lock n load people. The time has come.

    • Perehaps the Proud Boys should bring several coffins with them next time.   Haul several of those thugs out of there in pine boxes...and it might make some difference.   At least no cops were hurt over it all, and that was good.


    • Holrheartdly AGREE!


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