• From Syndey Powell's newsletter:

    The word "horrified" seems best to describe our feelings about Attorney General Garland Merrick authorizing the FBI to go after PARENTS who speak out at local school board meetings about Critical Race Theory, masks, vaxx, and porn. 

    Since we have been working with several of the people caught up in the January 6 situation, we have seen what the FBI is willing to do to private Americans who wish to protest actions of their government, including dragging a 76-year old veteran across his yard by his heels.
    There is only ONE reason to do this: to shut up parents desperate to protect their children.  The left and all that entails these days is terrified of you.  They are frightened by your voices, your thoughts and most of all your public display of opinions that diverge from their agenda.
    Pointing out their hypocrisy, lies, and lack of common sense is a threat to their power over you. The Biden regime will use the force of the completely corrupt FBI to threaten and pressure you to be silent. 
    This drastic action by the Biden regime is an act of desperation. They have not been able to keep moms and dads from showing up at leftist school board meetings and throwing their bad decisions back at them. Believe us, they have tried.
    They have kept people out of buildings, shut off microphones, turned the cameras away, shortened speaking time and made up rules to keep parents from attending meetings. This has been happening all over America. Parents just keep on coming. Protecting the kids is all that matters as it should.
    So, now, the public school boards are asking that the federal government take this unprecedented action because they know they can not control your outrage.
  • X and Y is the only fact that matters.

    Emotional brokenness is an entirely different matter and is some degree of fact but not the way they think. 

  • The Fact remains, "Two Roosters cannot lay eggs to start a Chicken Farm, and Two Bulls can't start a herd of cattle!" That remains a Simple Scientific Fact! If you have a "Gay" Rooster, might as well wring its neck because you're never gonna have that Farm. If you've got a queer Bull, No Ranch! Or maybe it's just a twisted Progressive Socialist MEDIA/Political Democratic approach to Population Control!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • YES!!  Fact is fact and the X Y chomosones are FACT!

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